Picture of Conversion of a laptop into a Steampunk 18.5
I wasn't really ready to begin this instructable; I'm still in the developmental phases of this project. However when I saw the contests for the Make It Real Challenge and the Shop Bot Challenge; well I just had to get this 'ible started early.

I have a CarveWright, version B, which I intend to use to carve the custom wooden case for this tablet. If I can win either a 3D printer, or a ShopBot, I will almost definitely be using one of those superior machines to fabricate the case.

I had started to write a build log for the design phase of this project. For now I will be posting that, with each step as an entry in the log. As I actually move beyond design and into practice, I will update this with as many photos and as much documentation as I can.

The first image in this 'ible is a model I made in 123D, and can be found in their gallery here.
The second image on this step is the latest version of the rough drawings I made for the external layout of the tablet.

The front view shows the screen in the center which will be 12" by 24" x 2.5" overall, incorporating an 18.5" LCD with touchscreen, a pair of Harman Kardon stereo speakers to either side of that with a brass/gold grill accent, a partially disassembled but still functional pocketwatch as a timepiece (lower left), a power button (top left), mute button and volume scroll wheel (top right), and four directional buttons (lower right) to manually rotate the screen. The directional buttons may be unnecessary, if so that area will be open for something else (or just left as plain wood).

The side view shows (from top to bottom) four USB ports, audio in/out (headphone/mic), HMDI out, universal card reader, and AC in ports.

I labeled the image itself, but having seen so many 'ibles with the labels misplaced or nonfunctioning, I thought it best to add this redundancy.

I have three entries to the build log so far, I'll post them as steps 1 -3 for now. Much more to come, soon!

Oh yeah, *PLEASE* vote for me in either or both the contests; Make It Real Challenge and/or ShopBot Challenge!!!

Putting a clock on it, doesn't make it steampunk. What was the closest thing to a laptop in the Victorian/ Edwardian Era? Start with Victorian Technology, and move forward from there. I'm sure It will look great after that.

The clock was not nearly the only thing that would have given it the Victorian/Edwardian feel. The wooden case, the brass or pewter accents, the style of the buttons and carvings into the wooden case, etc. all would have contributed. I did not want to make this look like actual technology from the era; instead I wanted it to look like a foreign/sci-fi (of that time) style piece of technology that had the same style of that era.

Unfortunately, several major issues, including the shattering of the touchscreen I had, have made me indefinitely shelf this project. I still have the laptop, and it still functions (as well as it did as described above); it can still run win7 (and win8) well; so it is possible it might come back into active status sometime soon... but it is not a high priority, and so not likely to ever come to pass.

pangtsr1 year ago
In case you're still wondering, it's "hobbyist".
jlawrie3 years ago
I found 14.1" Capacitive touch screen kit here:


It is however a Chinese supplier but after exhausting all of the USA Suppliers I was refereed to them by a company called North American Semiconductor.

I will be posting my Tablet build after i get all of the other components collected. Am having a hard time finding a way to Encase it all after.

Like how this guy did his, but i just don't know...

vskogen jlawrie2 years ago
Have you seen this: http://www.cyclotouch.com it might be something of interest .
karossii (author)  jlawrie3 years ago
Yeah, I ran into a brick wall just days after I posted this... one thing after another has delayed my construction of a case, and so I have not updated this 'ible in far too long...

I am about to move soon, and will once again have a full workshop room, so within a month or two I will start documenting my progress and have this build log resurrected!

If you do make any of your own progress, I'd love to see what you do!