Convert Bible Text File to Morse Code MP3 File



Introduction: Convert Bible Text File to Morse Code MP3 File

Here is a fantastic FREE program ( called ebook2cw that can convert text files to Morse Code MP3 files. Of course you can use any ebook text file (.txt format) to convert - I happen to like using the Bible.

To use it just go to the above link and download two files:



Execute the two programs in that order and your setup work is done.

If you want to convert the Bible to Morse Code MP3 files then you need to download the Bible in txt format which you can find here: and is also FREE.

You download a file like Old to your pc, and unzip the file. It will be in sub directories by book and chapter. Run ebook2cwgui.exe and choose a chapter. It will create that chapter in Morse Code at about 5 megabytes per chapter.

This makes for interesting and useful code practice files and you can choose your own speed and side-tone frequency.



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