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Introduction: Convert Child-Resistant Cap to Adult Friendly

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Don’t you hate it when you start to open something as simple as a bottle of mouthwash and all you get is click-click-click, or worse yet, locked shut – sorry, no entry here unless you squeeze together these two specific areas, then rotate. And the cap seems to be saying “maybe, just maybe, if you squeeze hard enough I’ll let you open the bottle”.

Well cheer up my friends, for that resistant mouthwash bottle the solution lies in simple set of nail clippers which should be somewhere in your bathroom along with that mouthwash anyway! You’re about to convert that child-resistant cap to the adult friendly variety.

Side Note: Obviously besides mouthwash there are many other types of child-proof caps and lids for containers, especially medicines and cleaning products. And if there any young children in the house, you shouldn't modify them in any way that would alter that child-resistant quality. But if you live sans children, modifying the caps or lids really improves the convenience of the product. Enjoy!

Step 1: What You'll Need

  • Nail clippers

That's it. Simple.

Step 2: See That Spike -

Most mouthwash bottles have child-resistant caps that act like a ratchet against a tapered spike protruding from the neck of the bottle just under the threads.

Step 3: Now Let That Spike Say Hello to Your Little Friend

Take those nail clippers and slide them over that spike. Keep it close to the neck of the bottle. I usually find it easiest to slide the clippers from the side onto the spike instead of trying to force them straight on. Larger clippers will make it easier too.

Don’t try to clip that spike off all at once. It’s pretty tough and squeezing the clippers too hard could damage them. But steady pressure on the clippers combined with a gentle up-down rocking motion will cause that spike to pop right off in just a few seconds.

Step 4: Repeat

Now repeat the procedure for the spike on the other side of the neck.

Done! Screw the cap back on and enjoy the ease with which you can now open that bottle!



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    Oh! You have made my day!! My small old hands love you!

    It was easy to shave the tabs off a Listerine cap last year (and transfer it to each new bottle) but the house brand caps with vertical ribs inside (instead of tabs) had me stumped. Thank you! Thank you!

    1 reply

    My Grandma hates asking for help to open things. Which is unfortunate, as she suffers from arthrosis. You, sir, became her newest hero!

    Thank you!

    1 reply

    Thank you so much. I now stand tall, shield at my side, sword raised to the sky as I smite the mighty bottle cap dragon for your grand lady. :-D

    Finally! A way to deal with those adult-hostile ratchet caps.

    Now let's deal with those push-to-open GD pill bottles!

    That is great. I love the simple solutions. thank you.

    I think this trick saved me a month in my life just trying to open those kid-resistant caps when i don't have a kid

    1 reply

    I agree Joanna. Every time I use it I smile a little inside. It has a very high AAF (Annoyance Avoidance Factor). :-)

    You have made my day and my week and my year. Thank you for this fantastic


    1 reply

    So glad this was helpful Patricia. Makes the arduous process of creating the article all worth while. :-)

    For the push and turn child proof caps the little spikes to cut off are on the caps.

    Instructables needs a "like" button - and show popular instructables.



    1 reply

    Thank you. Yeah, no "Like" but they do have the "Favorite" button at the top which is sort of like a Like button. And then there's the "Share" button to share it on your favorite social media.

    Anyway, thanks again for the kudos. :-)

    Nice. I'm doing this with my prescription. very hard to open. The safety caps on paint thinner and stuff you can just cut off the white plastic safety part. I didnt know about this ratchet thing.