Welcome to my first ever instructable.  This is a simple project indeed as it is my first....
In this instructable i will show you have to convert an MR16 Halgoen fixture to a LED fixture.  I will include the Eagle files that you can send to a PCB house to have the PCB's fabricated.  I as well will build these for you for a small fee if you desire.  
Before i start let me say a few things about this project.  I used a set of Halogen lights from Ikea that were 20 watts per buld and had five bulbs strung across cables hanging across the ceiling.  a total of 100 watts per strand.  This setup uses aprox 5-6 watts per strand. That being said......  This setup is perfect lighting for some situations/room and not so great for others.  You will not be able to brightly light a room with this setup.  Its a softer light and perfect for rooms that do not require bright bright light.  They have more of a spot effect vs flooding a room with light.  

You will also notice in my eagle files that my pcb is not perfectly round.  This was an oversight on my behalf.  They work in their non round config but if you want perfectly round ones then feel free to edit the file.  Really feel free to edit it either way.  
See photos for below and after.  Next step will include Eagle files for the board house and a list of parts needed.  
You can also use 12V batteries with a solar charger for this setup.  

Step 1: PCB Files and Parts Needed.

 Attached to this step you will find the PCB Eagle files.  I use seeedstudio in china to make my boards.  They have decent prices.  If you have your own board house then great or a means to make your own PCB's then even better.  If you send me your MR16 housings i can build these for you and send them to you assembled for 15 bux per assembly.  
Now on to the parts needed.  
Each board uses 12 LED's.  I use 20,000 MCD led's with flat tops.  You can find these on ebay pretty easily.  I paid i think 20 bux for 200 of them.  
Each board also uses 4 100 ohm resistors.  I use 1/4 watt resistors. 
Of course you will need solder and a soldering iron.  
Super glue or any other type of adhesive to mount the pcb to the housing and to assist in making the MR16 pins to plug into your power source.  
14 guage solid copper wire for making pins.  Or if you have access to some other suitable material to use for the pins.  
Of course you also need a MR16 housing.  These are available at many stores if you dont already have some that you intend to convert.  I used a set bought at Ikea.  
Continue on to the next step.  Taking the MR16 housing apart....
cute idea and great instruction but whats the point if ur not using the reflective properties of the case? <br />
Part of the reflector design is to <em>not</em> reflect IR quite so much, it goes through. Also LEDs have built-in reflectors, halogen bulbs do not.<br /> The glass fitting would be used as a direct replacement for a 12&nbsp;V halogen unit.<br /> <br /> L<br />
&nbsp;Different lighting needs?? &nbsp;It wouldnt be hard to add reflective properties if that is important to you. &nbsp;I actually considered doing so but i really dont need it for my lighting needs. &nbsp;
The reflectors are there to focus the beam from the halogen bulb, whereas leds are focused already. The reflector wouldn't really make any contribution to the output, and would be more hassle than it's worth by having to reduce the size of the pcb.<br /> <br /> I've been thinking of doing this, but with 240v. Nice one!<br />
&nbsp;240V nice!!!!<br /> I thought about doing a 120V system. &nbsp;But since i had the 12V ikea system already i went with that. &nbsp;I may in the very near future do a 120 system for other rooms in the house. &nbsp;

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