Ok this is  how i converted my porch into a green house.
  The original porch  was a pretty thick concert slab with a overhang of the roof and stud banisters and braces.
Then years ago they windowed it in but in a floor and some carpet. 
 It wasn't used for much then i started to grow plants there,  You can see my Auto plant watering system, to see the before pictures.
This is most likely the cause of the mold and the floor rotting.
And this is where this instructable begins..........

Step 1: What You Will Need

A porch
300 lbs of mortar
200 Sanded Grout
12 jugs of grout additive
Wire Shelves
Plastic tubs
Large Barrel
Sub Pump
Lots of Plants

Still Saw
Saws All
Screw Drivers
Sledge Mammer
Grouting Spade
Drill Mixing Rod
Cutting Tools
Painting Brushes

**lights (i plan on making my own LED lights in another instructable)

Great job!<br><br>I'm in the process of making my porch into my own greenhouse-plant room &amp; coming across your Instructable was perfect. Did you ever get to put in the lights? Would like to see how you did yours because I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to do mine. .. ☺
I'm liking this! Thanks for the instructable!

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Bio: I am currently taking over my grandparents farm, and working towards getting off the grid, and a sustainable life.
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