So, I see you sitting there saying to yourself: "Self, I sure would like me some nice and clicky buttons. But (with expensive exceptions) they all seem to be just one stinkin' color!" 

Well, that's until now!

Step 1: Parts

I made this with a button I got from Adafruit, but I would imagine the concept would carry to most large arcade buttons:
LED Illuminated Pushbutton - 30mm Square

Also, I got my RGB LED's from Adafruit. Any 5mm RGB should work, but I strongly suggest you get diffused because otherwise you'll get a pretty evident "hotspot" on the button face.
Diffused RGB 5mm LEDs

Also, and this is pretty important, the wires I used are 26GA, I think much larger and this trick may not work.
<p>This was so useful! any chance you could make an Instructable for wiring up the TLC5941 as well?? I just ordered mine</p>
<p>Sure. I assume you're going to be interfacing with an Arduino? Or some other serial source?</p>
Yeah I'm using a fubarino mini. Got the TLC5941 breakout from sparkfun.
(y) Great Idea!

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