Convert A Touch Activated Candelabra Lamp To Traditional Lamp

Picture of Convert A Touch Activated Candelabra Lamp To Traditional Lamp
- Not a fan of candelabra bulbs so I decided to modify this touch activated lamp from Bed Bath and Beyond with the purchase of only one part (a lamp socket kit).

Enjoy! Be safe, remove all electrical sources first and know that this was for my personal use and I am not an electrician etc.
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Step 1: Remove Bulb And Shade

Picture of Remove Bulb And Shade
- Unscrew bulb

- Unscrew black plastic circular part holding shade inin

Step 2: Remove Bottom Cover

Picture of Remove Bottom Cover
- Peel away black/felt material (careful as we would like to reuse this)

- Remove bolt

- Remove base and washer

Step 3: Remove Light Socket

Picture of Remove Light Socket
- Use any means necessary to remove plastic socket

- See how I broke it piece by piece

- Technically it unscrews but the plastic was too brittle

Step 4: Prep For New Socket

Picture of Prep For New Socket
- Remove wiring and touch related components from bottom opening

- Clip green ground and remove remaining wires from lamp

- Clip black cord wires away from electronics (note which wire is hot/attached to the red internal wire, this info is used later)

- I needed some more leeway so I untied the knot in the cord, pulled in more of the cord and retied it (keeping a knot is a good idea as it helps prevent strain on the connections to the new socket once its installed)

Step 5: Install New Socket

Picture of Install New Socket
- Screw bottom portion of the socket onto the lamp

- Thread wires up to bottom portion of the socket. Note how I use that protective sleeve. It helps prevent wear and possibly a future short.

- Strip away some of the wire to connect to the terminals.

- Screw in to respective terminals (hot to colored screw in this case - check instructions that came with your socket)

- The electrical insulator of choice with not socket is only cardboard. That doesn't sit well with me so I'll be adding some electrical tape - Install top portion of socket. Pull excess wire into base

- Install bulb and test.