Picture of Convert Your Flip-Flops to Sports Sandals
As a college student in super-sunny California, it isn't surprising that flip-flops are my personal footwear of choice. I have nothing against sports sandals, crocs, shoes, your favorite shoe-like apparatus, etc. but thong-shaped flip-flops are ever so convenient and they give me the classy flip-flop tan which I can casually drop into conversation when talking to all of my friends who are at school where there is a mysterious thing called "winter."

Unfortunately, flip-flops don't stay on your feet that well--a problem when you try to run from, say, the police, or you encounter rapidly moving water. On the end-of-summer Instructables rafting trip--How to Raft, noahw?--they made a big fuss about having heeled sports sandals or tennis shoes and not flip flops that would flop off of your feet and float away.

But who wants to go buy or borrow sandals or shoes when you've got flip-flops and duct tape at your disposal?

While some of you may be doubters at this point, I guarantee that this was successful. Find your duct tape and read on!
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
For this project, you'll need:

*A pair of waterproof flip-flops
*Duct tape
*Your feet

Step 2: Strip(s)

Picture of Strip(s)
Erring on the side of too long, cut a strip of duct tape to form the heel strap of your sandals.

Subtract about two inches from the length of the first strip and cut a second one.

Lay the sticky sides together, leaving a bit of stickiness showing on either end of the longer piece.

Step 3: Time for Feet

Picture of Time for Feet
Put on one of your flip-flops as if you were wearing it normally. Take your strip of tape and attach the sticky ends to the upper part of the flip-flop--the part that extends over your foot. You want the tape to fit snugly around your feet.

For my "slide" style flops, this was easy; for thong flops, this may be slightly more difficult. However, if the straps on your flops are small enough, you can wrap the excess sticky parts around the straps to create a stronger attachment.
marxdarx4 years ago
T here are also other colors of duct tape if you want something not that obvious. Like try black, or white to reflect the sun.

Or even furniture tape. Similar but made for rougher treatment and they come in more colors and sizes.

Great instructible!
mg0930mg6 years ago
I'd call these sandals, when I think of flip flops, I think of the ones with the thing in between your toes...
randofo6 years ago
It survived the whole trip!
craig36 years ago
With a few extra minor alterations you could use something like this for ninja sandals for a cosplay costume