Introduction: Convert Your Wall Into Magnetic Dashboard

If You like to paint or if You hava kids who like to paint, then You can make blackboard on the wall. Not only blackboard, but magnetic one. It's simple and easy. If You can paint, You can probably paint the walls and this is all You need for this project ;-)

Step 1: Preparations

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If You have drywall in Your room or very fine plaster, You can skip this step. However if You have rough, bumpy wall with cracks, You have to make it smoother. I recommend to use gypsum putty because it is easy to apply it.

First put the putty on the wall, two layers at least, then after it will dry, use sandpaper to make it perfectly smooth. Now You are ready for making the magnetic blackboard.

Step 2: Blackboard

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You need two type of paints to make the magnetic board:
- magnetic undercoat paint
- blackboard paint

Both paints You can buy in the stores. They are however pretty expensive (in comparison to standard paint) so it could be hard to buy them. Moreover You have to put at least 3 layers of them (especially magnetic paint) to have a good results.

Paints should be layed on the wall using painting roll. Do not use the brush-it won't give smooth surface.

Step 3: Painting on the Wall

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After last layer of paint is dried, You are ready to use Your board as blackboard. You can not only paint on it with chalk, but also You can clean it with sponge and water. Nothing bad will happened.

That's all. Isn't this an easy task, as I said in the bigginning ?


mrsmerwin (author)2017-07-27

We made one of these years ago for the kids play room. You make me want one of my own--that I don't have to let my teenagers use.

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