Convert Youtube Videos to Put on to Your Video Player Without Software





Introduction: Convert Youtube Videos to Put on to Your Video Player Without Software

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This instructable will show you how to convert youtube videos without downloading any software. It is fast and easy.

Step 1: Getting Started

Open youtube and find the video you want. Copy the url.

Step 2: Next

Go to On the page, click download videos. In Step 1, put in the url. In Step 2, choose the file type you want the video to be converted to. In Step 3, enter your e-mail. Then press convert. Converting time is usually pretty quick.

Step 3: E-mail

Wait half an hour and then check your e-mail. There should be a email from zamzar. Click the link in the e-mail and then download it. Remember, the file will only be stored for 24 hours.

Step 4: Done

You have now downloaded the youtube video! Now just put it into your video player.



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    HI JellyWoo, thanks so much for sharing the ideas.

    It is totally free but would take a lot of time to download and convert youtube videos to our needed format. For me, I am using this WVCU:, it saves a lot of time.

    Thankyou for this - both the link and the instructable which convinced me to give zamzar a try.

    I had used several different programs to do the conversion and none had worked properly - or if they did they were painful to use. Zamzar worked perfectly.

    If you guys like messing around i sugjest you hack your ipod with ipod wizard. ipod wizard can change the background picture to anyone of your photos but you need to resize them. look on youtube, thats how i found how to hack my ipod.

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    good thing zunes are made to do that :D

    i'd rather use vixy, though i downloaded the beta version but i scanned it for virus
    and it was clear. And giving your e-mail to random websites is not really the smartest thing to do =P

    Zamzar! I used zamzar before i saw this and im like only crap someone posted a zamzar instructable. I don't use it any more because i found out about a addon for firefox that directly downloads youtube videos to your desktop, you have to use ipod videora converter if you want it to be in itunes. If you don't want to download software i recommend this to all, but if you don't mind software get the fast video downloader addon for firefox, and get videora which you can also use to convert movies to itunes.

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