Introduction: Convert a MR16 Fitting to GU10 Fitting!

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Before you start you will need:

  1. Switch of the power at the fuse box.
  2. GU10 lamp box.
  3. Electrician's screwdriver or small flat head screwdriver.

Remove the fitting and transformer from the ceiling by pulling firmly.

Step 1:

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Disconnect the mains feed going INTO the transformer from the lighting circuit.

Step 2:

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Leave the cable going FROM the transformer to the fitting.

Step 3:

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Uncover the connector block on the fitting (ours is screwed some are clipped) to expose the connector block inside.

Step 4:

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Unscrew the cable connecting the transformer to the fitting.

Discard the transformer.

Step 5:

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Disconnect the MR16 lamp holder from the connector block and discard.

Step 6:

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Connect the GU10 lamp holder to the connector block, feeding through the inside of the fitting with the lamp holder inside.

Step 7:

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Connect the mains cable directly to the fitting and re- cover the connector block.

Step 8:

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Install GU10 LED bulb – from of course.

Step 9:

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Re-install fitting into ceiling and switch electricity back on.

Step 10:

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Let there be light!


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