This instructable converts the cheap Genius Maxfighter F-16U joystick which uses potentiometers to a precise joystick using LED/LDR combination. I guess it is fit for any joystick that uses potentiometers.http://youtu.be/FDoeQvAU6d8
<p>Hi friend!</p><p>I can't get this specific model of joystick, do all cheap joysticks have the same inner configuration?</p>
I am not quiet sure sir. But since potentiometers are the cheapest way for an analog position locator, I guess so.
Thanks a lot. Here in Spain &quot;thrift stores&quot;/ &quot;second hand stores&quot; are very rare, so my main source for stuff is either eBay or a Pc store.<br>Anyways I'll try to find my old Logitech Attack so I can do some modifications to it.<br>

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