Step 7: Cut something with your new table saw

Picture of Cut something with your new table saw
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After the fence is square to the blade, try it out. Set tje distance to the fence and the depth of the blade.

I had to use a bit of wire to activate the switch on the handle of my saw. Then I used the plug to turn it on and off.

Remember to use something wood to push your piece through the saw. Check the direction of the blade before you start cutting.

Also, don't wear loose clothing or gloves. Do wear safety glasses. Have a firm footing before you begin a cut. Beware of twisting the piece or pausing mid cut. Basically, remember all the stuff your shop teacher told you.

Use the saw at your own risk. Your fingers are responsible for your actions.
0087adam6 years ago
Wierd how this is posted after mine is for the same exact thing...


You thought more outside the box than i did; u added a fence.

I dont use a rip fence, miter guage, or splitter...
but i modified it so u can stick the wood in a set of 'handles' so if it kicks back it doesnt hit you...

it works fairly well, but i went out and bought a real table saw just for the heck of it and let me tell you i like it much better!
neffk (author)  0087adam6 years ago
This saw works but it's inspiration to buy something better :)