Step 5: Install Antenna

If you are going to listen to the radio you will need a Antenna.
 You can Buy a aftermarket fixed mast car Antenna at a car parts store for a reasonable price or you can go to a Auto salvage place and pull out a power antenna for a good price.
I had a power Antenna laying around so I installed it on the computer case.
  For the antenna you will need to drill a hole in the top of the case. BEFORE YOU DRILL.
Make sure you have enough room to mount the power antenna.
 Power Antennas need a 12 volt power wire, a ground wire, and a signal wire. The 12 volt power wire will be attached to the YELLOW power wire. The ground wire will be attached to the BLACK ground wire on the power supply and the signal wire will be attached to the stereo.
On aftermarket stereos the signal wire is typically blue or blue with a white stripe.

Pig ugly and totally excellent. Love it.
I&nbsp;love the antenna, but you couldn't put more polish on this? Think...&quot;Presentation&quot;&nbsp; :)<br /> <br /> Otherwise very cool.<br />
Agreed. No offence, I admire the phantasy and the building, but That does not like something I wanted to have in my Room. I rather have No stereo and an Old como :)<br>Good Idea, though :D
&nbsp;Power antenna.. lol awesome. You should paint the inside chassis of the case gunmetal and black and put a plexiglass view panel so you can see this... Throw some wire mesh over that hole in the back and punk this thing out.&nbsp;
Does the radio have FM/FM2/AM/CD/INPUT1 and INPUT2?
Hello, Yes the&nbsp;stereo has FM,FM2,AM,CD, and the inputs and they all work. If you do not need FM or AM you do not need to attach a antenna,but i like listening to the baseball games so the radio was a must.
I love this idea, thanks for sharing. The power antenna is an inspired touch.<br /> <br />

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