My roommate bought a couple of IKEA APPLARO lamps and I thought putting some of my leftover art paper on top of it would make it look better. And it sure does look better. The project took about 2.5-3 hours. You can use any thin paper that will not block light and paint and stain the wood to whatever you like. Customize!

Step 1: Supplies

Tools of this trade:
Ruler with smooth sides - skinnier the better
Cutting mat
X-Acto knife
Dust gun
Spray Adhesive
Dust gun
Tweezers (not shown)
Flashlight - To check the progress of the project by shining the light to see how the paper is laying on the edges. Faster and cooler than screwing the bulb enclosure.

Pretty paper from art store.
It's cool.
Sorry for the late "Thank you" but better late than never. So Thank you. (you got two now!)
lol wow You're welcome, you're welcome.
Any idea where to get paper like that generally? In my case, "Bellevue Arts and Crafts" or "Michael's", here in Bellevue, WA. Are there other terms for it that I can ask for? Great idea, and since I have SADS, I can put a full spectrum light inside something other than a full y boring table lamp! I can hang it too!
It's called lace paper, or lace tissue. It is made in Japan and Thailand.<br/>Here's a link to spiral paper, but why stop there? <br/>Going crazy looking at the colors and patterns oh my! <br/>Gotta make more!<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.papermojo.com/lacepaper.htm">http://www.papermojo.com/lacepaper.htm</a><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://handmade-paper.us/page/CPO/CTGY/lcp">http://handmade-paper.us/page/CPO/CTGY/lcp</a><br/>
Yeah, the Japanese have an amazing variety of really cool papers. Something to do with their tradition of giving elaborately wrapped gifts, I guess. You can try asking around for "Japanese art paper" or somesuch. Art supply stores or artsy paper stores often carry them.
Lovely paper - looks great backlit by the lamp.<br/><br/>Here's another example of the same idea, using a different Ikea lamp:<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Pimp-your-lamp/?ALLSTEPS">Pimp your lamp!</a><br/><br/>
Yeah, I didn't know about that Instructable until after I published this one. I'm a little wet behind the ears at Instructables and wasn't aware of the IKEA hack group as well. IKEA stuff is a good canvas for creativity.
Oh, no problem! It's a great instructable either way. There's no reason we can't have multiple instructables on a similar topic, and yours was very well done, and with some nice pictures. I just wanted to show an alternative implementation, in case someone is inspired to hack their own Ikea lamp...
The more instructables, the merrier. Share the wealth (of knowledge).
Hey Corinna! Glad to see you here...that hack looks great. I might have to try that myself when we move into a nicer place next month. Hey post more tutorials, you know alot of cool stuff.
Yeah, better late than never. Sad to see my monster neighbor move though :(
Wonderful job.<br/><br/>Very nicely done, looks great at the end, one of the best Ikea hacks I've seen, they're all very cool and awesome.<br/><br/>Nice job, +1 rating, you did an amazing job once again (if I didn't say it, then wow, you did an awesome job.).<br/><br/><sub>:-)</sub><br/>
Aww, thank you :) I aim to please through quality.
That's pretty cool, where do you get paper like that? +1!
I got it at Pearl Art &amp; Craft Supplies in Chicago. I think it was less than $4. <br/>It is 26<em> X 38</em>. And my roommate's cat just ruined my other piece just now. &gt;:( Sigh, time to get more.<br/>
Haha, aw. Thanks!

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