Step 5: fill 'er up

Fill up your new shelf space and you're done!
Great post! Well crafted design, and very simple just like the way i want for my kitchen.
about the window i would say that would be a fire hazard
I'm confused - how would that be a fire hazard? To my way of thinking the window was already boarded up from the outside. Which means, if on a higher floor, there probably isn't a fire escape outside that window. And, if on the ground floor, another window would be easier to go through in the event of a fire.
i see it almost looks like a wall out side the window
He wouldnt even be able to open the window as it says they built a buildig right next to the window<br />
OH! I had one of these pre-installed in my apartment. Now I know why that weird little area was there. :D

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