Introduction: Convert an Old Memory Stick Into a Databank With Government-grade Encyption

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Got an old memory stick? Got valuable files you need to protect? Find out how to protect your files better than a simple passworded RAR archive; because in this modern age, anyone with a good PC can decrypt it in under a day.

I'm using a 32MB Memory Pro Duo card from my PSP, so in case I need to, I can also destroy it physically.

Step 1: Preparations

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First thing we will need to do is format our storage medium. Choose FAT or FAT32; keep all settings at default otherwise and DO NOT do quick format.

After that, you will need to download TrueCrypt from Install it, and reboot your PC (this is mandatory)

Step 2: Setting Up Our Volume - 1

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After everything is installed, open your now blank storage medium. Copy any file to it, but not one of the files you want to hide. I chose this overweight dog.

Step 3: Follow the TrueCrypt Wizard

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Click on create volume. In the Volume Creation Wizard, select "Create a file container"

Select "hidden Truecrypt volume". this is an advanced type of volume. if for some reason, you have files that you REALLY want to hide, this lets you create two volumes with two passwords, and each password will give you access to a different volume.

When it asks to select a file, choose the file you previously copied over to your storage medium.

For this outer volume, choose serpent-twofish-aes. Outer volume is a decoy volume. Keep the hash algorithm at the default.

Choose a small volume for the outer to make it not look suspicious (a small jpg shouldnt be 20mb in size)

Choose a password that you can easily guess.

Make sure filesystem is fat, cluster is default

Now, read the image I uploaded that is titled "Outer Volume Contents" and follow those directions.

Click next, follow the same procedure to make your hidden volume.

Only difference here, for the password, check 'use keyfiles'. Select a file no one will likely modify. I chose the overweight dog image. Never modify that file, or you will not be able to access your volume anymore. Choose a long password (64 characters in length) to avoid being cracked by brute force. This is up to you, a long password isn't necessary unless you're hiding life-threatening documents. If you're just hiding porn, any password will do.

Step 4: "Decorate" Your Storage Medium

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Congratulations, your volume is made. Now make the rest of the card look not suspicious in case someone finds it. I renamed my volume file to IMG100, to make it seem as if a camera generated these files. I also added files close in filesize, and also my passkey as one of the files. You're done, enjoy the security.


XOIIO (author)2010-03-18

Just use a cruzer

XOIIO (author)XOIIO2010-04-18

It is damn near impossible to get into a cruzer if you don't know the password, without it you can't acces the files at all.

VadimS (author)XOIIO2012-10-21

Those USB drives are easy to hack.
Use this instructable if you actually want it secure.

GASSYPOOTS (author)XOIIO2012-03-06

i cant load mine its takin a while...

deactivated-000000 (author)XOIIO2010-04-18

yeah this is like the feature on cruzers but it can be applied to any type of memory

junits15 (author)XOIIO2010-04-18

what does that do?  true crypt has VERY a secure encryption method,  im still confused, does a cruzer have an advantage over say a PNY?

DemeGeek (author)2009-01-01

you said "you have files you have files" twice at the beginning

georion (author)DemeGeek2012-09-04

maybe he had 2 sets of files or maybe he knew yuo would be reading ??? !!!!!

kujo911 (author)2009-04-23

How did you acess the contanier?

junits15 (author)kujo9112010-04-18

you run true crypt an mount the file, it then unlockes it and allows you to see it as a hard drive in my computer

wizerd 745 (author)kujo9112009-05-12

I can't access mine either...

zimmemic25 (author)2008-11-22

if it would be government-grade i'd never think about using this. truecrypt is much better than anything the goverment invented. sure, they use it, but it wasnt developed by goverment

berky93 (author)2008-10-20

so this basically makes a hidden volume out of a file? cool...I think

You can make two volumes with two different passwords in a single file

yeah thats what a hidden volume does right?

berky93 (author)2008-10-20

hey thanks for sharing this! I've been reading into encryption and stuff like this, and this seems like a great program, especially for free! and the fact that it has built in support for installation on flash drives makes it ideal for me! (I am never without my flash drive, and this is one of those things I really want to have with me)

pyelitegamerro76 (author)2008-10-20

wait so how do you access the hidden volume?

jongscx (author)2008-10-20 about my porn....

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