Just what the title says! Be green and save a bottle from the trash! Convert it into a high-tech-24-hour-home-banking-ATM!

You only need al container with nothing in it. I used a Vitamin Water bottle.

Step 1: Press start to begin.

Screw the cap off, and put a tad bit of water in the bottle. Put the cap back on, and swish it around. Dump the water out and dry out the bottle. Then, simply put the coins in and start saving up!


flagged as inappropiate... not relaly what I come on here for.
The words low tech might be appropriate. This isn't high tech. Not even sure if it should say tech at all, frankly. Nor banking device for that matter come to think of it. Is this an improvement on my perfectly ordinary coffee can that holds my change and dollars in my freezer (just like my grandma had)? I'll let someone else compare the carbon footprints of both.
First off, i was JOKING when i said high tech. Some people can't take jokes. also, i never said you HAD to use a vitamin water bottle, did i? no.
Agreed I got the joke :)
HIGH TECH piggy bank
Umm wow- you actually spent time adding this. Totally unbelievable idea. Are you 5 years old or what?
I don't see anything you've made that's better....hmm. And why don't you check out my other instructables instead of being mean?
Also, ever notice that thing under the text box for comments? Here it is, just in case you missed it: We have a "be nice" comment policy. Please be positive and constructive with your comments or risk being banned from our site.
Sorry dude but I was all hyped that this was actually going to be high tech and it was a total let down. I have yet to post as I am totally new to site. I will post some things in the next few weeks. I will make a point to look up some of your other stuff.
Apology accepted. And the title is just a joke.
If we are being green, does it really make sense to buy vitamin water in the first place? Energy wasted to make a plastic bottle, to transport the plastic bottle, to transport the 99% filtered tap water, to mix in a little flavor and color, to warehouse it and store in a supermarket, and to get it to your house. Perhaps being green means filtering some water at home and making something like tea, an herbal infusion, or some lemonade. Better yet, perhaps is could mean making those tasty treats with rain water that has been collected with rain barrels and purified in a solar still... I'll go relax and have some hemp tea now.
but he did not necessarily purchase those bottles - he could have rescued them from the trash, where they would fill up a landfill and kill the earth etc. thus, he is green.
im a girl. And i did do that too, i was riding around on my bike, when i saw them on the street, so i picked 'em up and brought 'em home.
sorry, i suppose that is a side-effect of internet anonymity - i assume all participants are male unless otherwise specified. side question: do you assume all anon are female unless otherwise specified (i am wondering whether the assumption is based on the observer's gender or if it is just a predominately male internet audience) either way, gtg: emp cannon
No, i actually think of them as male. But i can usuallly tell by the way person talks if they're a girl or boy.
Funny picture.
Or.... bottles could be rescued from the garbage and placed in the recycle bin where they can be converted into new plastic and save an immense quantity of energy.
yeah, but think about the percentage of things put in recycle bins actually being recycled, plus, it takes a lot of energy for machines to melt, extract chemicals, and then mold a whole new bottle, even transportation for that must be considered. nice instructable though, i got tricked at the "high tech" part. perhaps you should add that many other cylindrical objects may be used for the same purpose :P
yes, i shall be sure to do so! p.s. i love your avatar...that video's hilarious.
yea...but...what if i walked to the store and bought it? Also, i think that since they ALREADY shipped it too the store, it's better to make use of the pollution by buying the product instead of letting it just sit there and have been shipped for no reason.
Sorry but why not just drink from a tap and reuse the bottle for drinking out of instead. Bigger items like large tin cans are better than a bottle and would hold more money too. Would you believe my Hubby has a hub cap with his loose change in!!! Can hold up to $300 AUD in it. Nice try though.
Holy crap. You don't have to do this, you know. Do what you want with the bottle, just use it again!!!
REUSE A DRINKING BOTTLE....better yet Recycle it. Using a PETE bottle more than once due to chance of bacterial contamination. Because of there long necks They are hard to wash there for bacterial build can make you sick. In my opinion you can probably use them twice. BUT DON'T USE HOT WATER or put them in the dish washer.....plastic's DO NOT BELONG IN THE DISHWASHER<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://health.usnews.com/usnews/health/articles/070726/26petplastic.htm">http://health.usnews.com/usnews/health/articles/070726/26petplastic.htm</a><br/>
That's kind of ironic since I had several spray cans lying around that I just decided to pop the top off and just use it as is... You can spray the outside to your liking and make it as decorative as you want... The opening is just large enough for quarters and other smaller coins... Totally incognito, and anyone can do. You can use a standard paint can open to peel the seal back and pliers to pull it out. Simple enough. A nice flat Black is a great color... but that's just my favorite...
I think some of these poster might be missing the point of your High Tech Home Banking Device. I believe that it is possible to offset the high cost of recycling items by using them for two or three different purposes before chucking them in the recycling bin. Your bank is genius. I have been using a cat to store my coins in but your way probably wont scratch me so much. And you don't need a paper towel when you go to cash in so that's another savings to the environment.
why thank you.

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