Introduction: Convert .img File to SquashFS (Win/Mac/Linux)

This is a how to in converting a .img file to a squashfs .img file.

Note: This may not necessarily work with every image file. Many that I have tried have not worked. These steps are done on a Windows PC, and Mac & Linux instructions should be similar, but particular steps may vary. This has worked or me in all cases, but may not alway work for you.

Step 1: Download Your .img File

In this case, I am using a RasPlex image.

This should be a .img file, and not anything else.

Step 2: Open the File

Open the .img file using a program like WinZip or 7-Zip.

I use 7-Zip, but both should work fine.

However, the default windows program will NOT work for opening these.

Step 3: Navigate to the 0.fat File

Easy as double-clicking on a folder in Windows.

Step 4: Find the File & Extract It

Look for a file named "System". Extract this file from the directory. You are clear to delete the .img file now.

Step 5: Rename the File

To finish it off, find the file you just extracted. It should be named "System". You can rename this to #YourFileName.img. Now the file is squashfs compatible! If a pop-up shows saying changing the file extension might corrupt this file, click yes. (windows only)


GhostGuy72 (author)2017-06-19

I just opened a raspian-jess-Pixel .img file with 7zip in windows and it looks nothing like what you posted, there is no 0eth folder

I'm trying to add an OS to a berryBoot SDcard

any assistance appreciated!


Modelmat (author)GhostGuy722017-09-17

I believe they already post such images, see

FloydY2 (author)2017-03-22

Useless garbage.

Modelmat (author)FloydY22017-03-24

What seems to be happening?

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-10-27

Welcome to Instructables. Thanks for sharing the great tutorial.

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