Picture of Convert lava lamp to GU10 bulb
My wife likes lava and glitter lamps we have had several over the years but the only thing I find annoying is they take a bulb that only one shop locally sells and they arn't cheap which when they blow and they do often it is a pain, we use a lot of GU10 bulbs in our house so we always have spares and they can be picked up in nearly every shop including the pound shops so I decided that that was the bulb to use a little internet search showed I could get the bulb holders in bulk quite cheaply but I wanted to see what I was buying as it was going to need to fit and be mounted in place of the standard bulb holder so I found my local Maplin electronics store has them on the shelf I paid for one what I could have got ten more basic holders from Ebay but I only wanted one.
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Step 1: Disassebly

Picture of Disassebly
Now as I think that as different make lamps will be different designs it is best to make your own measurements and adaptations this is my lamp and my way this time.

As with all prodjects I am not responsible for your safety and well being please always disconnect the power supply and make sure you don't have a trip to the A&E dept.

Step 2: Parts and measureing

Picture of parts and measureing
2013-02-10 14.26.49.jpg
2013-02-10 14.27.16.jpg
2013-02-10 14.27.47.jpg
2013-02-10 14.28.01.jpg
2013-02-10 14.28.36.jpg
With my parts collected and the lamp in disassembly I could offer the perts together to work out the best way to put it back together again.

I was really lucky in that the new bulb holder had a wire clamp that fitted between the prongs on the lower half of the original bulb holder.