Step 7: Water and Enjoy!

Picture of Water and Enjoy!
Water your plant. If you left your planter nude like I usually do then you should see water dripping into your lower container. If the lower container fills up and water leaks out the side holes then you are over-watering you plant. Try giving it less water but often enough to keep the soil moist. Sit back and enjoy your handiwork.
viztnd1 year ago
If you put some string or twine from the bottom throught the "pot" and down again, the twine will suck back the excess water and nutrients back into the soil. You'll actually make it a self-watering pot.
passerby066 years ago
The ideal watering schedule will wet the soil just enough to keep it moist w/o having any drain into the lower chamber. In the real world, which we all inhabit, ( well, most of us, anyway ) there will almost always be excess in the lower chamber. This water will have flushed some nutrients out of the soil, so it would be a good idea to sometimes pour that nutrient-rich water back into the growing pot. ( Assuming, of course, that you're be able to separate them. )