Step 11: Fish Autopsy

I have noticed that sometimes when you catch a fish it will suddenly die.  Other times it might still be moving after you've chopped the head off.  I carefully cleaned (cut open) the fish that died.  It turns out that the hook was directly next to the heart.
This is a really cool idea. It is a good idea for collecting fish with the one exception listed below. <br> <br>I would like to stress though that you examine your rules and regulations for transporting live, &quot;wild&quot; caught fish in your state or country. For example, it is illegal to transport live, &quot;wild&quot; caught fish in the State of Oregon in the USA without a permit. I've seen many game wardens ticketing people as they started to drive off with a livewell full of fish. Buying fish at your local pet store and driving them home doesn't count.
Yes, thank you for pointing this out. You should also check zoning and building regulations.
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to make a side see through you could also cut a viewing hole and then using a large o-ring (depending on how dig your hole is) and some plexiglass or lexan and bolt it down then seal up all the leaks
Obviously it isn't easy to instruct a little kid and take the video at the same time, but I admire the calm voice you used throughout. I've never caught a fish on my first cast!
I agree, you are great dad...
Gun club -&gt; shooting -&gt; fish -&gt; barrel <br> <br>Just sayin'.
awesome! i love the video of molly whining while catching a fish. :)

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