Let's get right to the crux of it by saying, this conversion isn't for the faint of heart. Then again, if you mess up, good rear wheels are going for dirt on eBay, so take a breath, collect yourself, and let's dig right in!

Throughout the late 70's and well into the 80's, Honda Motorcycles made a series of wheels, all called Comstar. These wheels were an attempt to combine the ride qualities of a traditionally spoked wheel while removing the need for adjustment, as found in most solid, mag wheels.

Now, why does this matter? Mainly, if you own a mid-80's Honda motorcycle, you not only most certainly have one of these wheels, but you're probably rocking shaft drive too! Needless to say, the aftermarket isn't exactly filled with tons of alternative wheel options for mid-80's shaft-drive Honda motorcycles....aaaaah, now it becomes clear!

This Instructable is a way to show that while you can't always replace your wheel, you can modify it to match your needs. In my case, I wanted to convert it from a drum brake to a disc for my ongoing dual-sport conversion. Let me know in the comments if you get stuck....and on to the show!!!

Step 1: Prep Your Wheel

This part is fairly easy.

First, disassemble the entire wheel. Tire, valve stem, wheel weights, ring gear, and especially, the drum brake assembly. It's all gotta come off!

Second, chuck the wheel onto a mill or lathe and machine down the old drum brake. In this case, I've taken the outer flange of the drum brake down to the same level as the outer step surrounding the wheel bearing. In the pictures you'll see the progression down to the final height.
Wow! What a conversion, great job! <br />My first ride was a Shadow, direct drive and disk breaks. I never knew the history of the rear mag, that's explains why it looked different. <br /> <br />You're going to show us how you mount the calipers and brake lines next, right? <br /> <br />
Thank you for the encouragement! Still doing the electrical (groan), but I'll definitely post a pic of the finished bike when I'm done :)
cant wait to see it im looking at another shaft drive again for my next bike <br>
Awesome project! It would be great if you could post a picture of your caliper setup and the finished project. Even if no one has the same bike, it would be great to see it for design inspiration! <br>-Ben
very nice i had always wished my 92 shadow 1100 c had a disk back brake and just for fun duel front disks

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