Convert your NEF or H&R break-action shotgun or rifle into a quick-takedown gun

Picture of Convert your NEF or H&R break-action shotgun or rifle into a quick-takedown gun
I was just goofing around with this thing trying to make it take down easier and I actually succeeded. Yay!

Things you need:

An H&R or NEF break-action shotgun or rifle
A phillips-head screwdriver

For this brief tutorial I'll be using my NEF SB1 series .410 bore shotgun.
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Step 1:

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First, take your screwdriver and remove the large screw holding the forestock to the barrel.

Step 2:

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With the forestock free, remove the two screws holding the little plastic bit to the end of the wood.

Step 3:

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Reattach the forestock, sans plastic bit.

Step 4:

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That's it! The barrel will now pop free of the frame when you want it to, but remain securely locked when the breech is closed. You will want to take a bit more care when the breech is open, but it's not going to just fall off. And if it isn't as secure as you want, the process is easily reversed.

I made a quick video showing how easily it takes down and reassembles, located here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0UlkB87oo4
triumphman2 years ago
I want one of these! I need to teach my wife and daughter how to shoot. This is a great beginners shotgun. The ladies can handle. Twelve gauge is way too much for them to learn on! I had one when I was a kid. Great rabbit hunting memories! Please sell me this shotgun!
dutton122 years ago
I have a old H&R that has a retention spring on it that holds the fore stock in place It is form the 40's or 50's I wander when they switched over to just the screw.
It is more difficult to load and unload this way?
Do you think you could embed the video into this instructable? It's super helpful.
skiddyfisk (author)  audreyobscura2 years ago
I will! I intend to shoot a better one first, then embed THAT.