I was just goofing around with this thing trying to make it take down easier and I actually succeeded. Yay!

Things you need:

An H&R or NEF break-action shotgun or rifle
A phillips-head screwdriver

For this brief tutorial I'll be using my NEF SB1 series .410 bore shotgun.

Step 1:

First, take your screwdriver and remove the large screw holding the forestock to the barrel.
I want one of these! I need to teach my wife and daughter how to shoot. This is a great beginners shotgun. The ladies can handle. Twelve gauge is way too much for them to learn on! I had one when I was a kid. Great rabbit hunting memories! Please sell me this shotgun!
I have a old H&amp;R that has a retention spring on it that holds the fore stock in place It is form the 40's or 50's I wander when they switched over to just the screw. <br>It is more difficult to load and unload this way?
Do you think you could embed the video into this instructable? It's super helpful.
I will! I intend to shoot a better one first, then embed THAT.