Introduction: Convert Your Vacuum Cleaner to Fit Almost Any Type of Filter Bag

Did you throw away a Vacuum Cleaner because you could´t find a filter bag that fit?
It´s good for the manufactures of Vacuum Cleaners. The manufactures of Filter Bags makes a good profit. The lack of standard filters for Vacuum Cleanser is excellent for our consumption society. Is it good for the environment? No!


DorothyJ12 (author)2016-12-22

This is such a awesome video, which is fully related to Vacuum Cleaner . Love it, thanks a lot for sharing this innovative and informative post by

jdorrington (author)2015-02-11

Love it. Thanks

sleeping (author)2012-12-19

"For a Few Dollars More" or less ;)

hermanwahsletn (author)sleeping2012-12-19

The PVC pipe comes from an old toilet flush mechanism - zero dollars!

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