Converted Car Subwoofer for In-Home Use With IPod/Home Entertainment PC




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Introduction: Converted Car Subwoofer for In-Home Use With IPod/Home Entertainment PC

I designed and built a custom subwoofer box to house some extra car audio components I had laying around. 

I am planning to post a full Instructable tutorial.

For now, here are some photos of the process and final results.



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    i need a good adapter to put high output amps on i need 120v to 12-14v at hi amp to so my amplifier doesnt cut out from low power what are you using to power your amp?

    Will you post project info..or just send me box dimensions...:)

    an atx psu???

    What type of amp is that? I can see its a 240w but can't read the brand name from the pic. Great lil set up by the way! U did a great job building the box.

    I really do love it. I think It would look cooler if it looked more 'home theatery'. The lights are a little bright too :P

    if its just a sub, then you wouldn't get much out of it without a mids and tweeter speakers along with it

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    This is true. However, I am using this with my PC home theater system and am able to output the sound signal through HDMI and the 3.5 jack simultaneously - the sub just adds a bit of kick. Also, the amp and crossover can filter the signal from high, to mid, to low, if I were to use this with ONLY the iPod (the quality is not as good as with mids and tweeters of course).