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Introduction: Converter 12 Volt to 5 Volt

Hello! friends welcome to my another project. In this project i'm gonna show you how to charger your smartphones. If you don't have your smartphone charger then no problem with the help of the gadget you can charge your smartphone very easily. The input of this converter is not more than 12 volt or you can use 9 volt also but in case of 9 volt the charging time is definitely increased. You can use any 12 volt charger like routers, switches etc.

So let's get started...

Step 1: Circuit Diagram

Here it is the circuit diagram. We can build our tiny little converter with the help of this diagram.

Step 2: Components

You'll need

small piece of vero board

A candy box (you can buy your nearest candy shop)

Female usb port

12 volt female connector according to your charger

IC: LM7805

Capacitors: 100nf x 2 (non-polarized), 100uf (polarized) and 47uf (polarized)

Resistors: 1k and 470 ohms

Led: Red

Spst on/off switch

Step 3: Placing and Soldering Components

place your components according to circuit diagram and then soldering it very carefully don't forget to soldering a female usb port and a switch in a candy box cap.

Step 4: Fitting

Now fit your chip into a candy box and make hole at the end of the box for input.

Step 5: Finish

Finally your 12 volt to 5 volt portable gadget is look like this.

I hope you guys like it.

Thanks for watching.



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    FYI, the reason that 9V batteries are so bad is that they only manage about 300mAH.

    Very nice project.

    I did. I've saved it, in fact.

    I'm planning to build one for my glove box. You never know when you'll need some juice.

    Keep it up it's good idea when you build your own then show i'll appreciate you thanks.

    why do use the 470 ohm resistor, as RC filter? Circuit can only ouput 10mA?

    johanmoberg i just simply download a circuit from google and build this can you tell my how to increase the amp of this upto 1 or 1.5 if know about this please explain me.BTW thanks

    Ok, you acctually only need the LM7805. You could add a capacitator for filter but the noise is in the uV range. The problem when using these voltage regulators is that they burn off all "extra voltage" as heat. So if we have 12 v, reduce to 5 v we have "lost" 7 volts. If you use 1 A, you will "loose" 7 * 1= 7watt (P = U * I). These 7 watt will be converted to heat and it will be very hot in your little box. The voltage reg. vill turn off itself when it gets 125 degrees C. But it will reach that temp quite fast making the charger turn on and off all the time. Plus its not good design relying on fail safe to avoid starting a fire. I suggest you buy/design a "buck converter" which is about 95% efficient. Using only the LM7805 it would be about 41% efficient. Circuit only outputs 10mA (making it useless as a charger, would take 300 hours to charge my phone with this) and is using lots of unnecessary parts. I suggest you remove this instrucable or re-design it.

    Right, the LM7805 outputs max 1A , that is without your added resistor.