I saw some beautiful bags made by a local artist that were way out of my price range. I realized that the reason I liked those bags was because they were waxed. For whatever reason, the waxed canvas just made them seem cooler and higher quality.

So, I decided to make my own. I like wearing a small backpack for a purse. It's out of the way when walking around our town square. However, sometimes, it's convenient to be able to sling it over a shoulder, so this design accommodates both.

It converts in seconds and is waterproof to boot!

Thanks to asergeeva for the waxed canvas lunch bag inspiration.

Step 1: Materials and Tools


cotton print fabric (optional)

double fusible webbing (optional)

(4) swivel clasps

(4) D-rings

12" zipper

(2) 42" leather strips/diy belts


disposable stiff bristled paintbrushes

wax (I used tealight candles, but any parafin will work. Some prefer to use a mixture of beeswax and parafin.)

coffee can or other disposable metal container

rotary cutter

small stovetop pot

quilter's cutting mat and ruler

leather punch


riveting tools

hair dryer


sewing machine

clothes dryer

<p>Great share. Thanks</p>
<p>I have been planning to wax a bag I already have for a while now. Does the pillow case absorb the extra wax? Should I use a pillow case I don't care about?</p>
<p>I didn't notice anything on the pillowcase, so it likely doesn't matter. However, I wouldn't use your favorites, just in case. </p>
<p>So true! There is something about waxing a bag that some how elevates it. Waxed bags are just so elegant, especially in the scientific use of the word. I love your use of your custom fabric too! </p>

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