The new collection of Instructables Ebooks will not work natively on the Amazon Kindle. This can be fixed with a simple conversion to a supported format.

Step 1: Download the Software

The conversion is accomplished through the use of the free and open source  Calibre ebook Management software.

Simply follow the download link and install.
where did you download the book?
nevermind... i found it.
<p>Your comment reminds me of our high school physics class. The teacher was demonstrating something with an oscilloscope, which was a rare item at the time. One &quot;student&quot; in the class (not the sharpest knife in the drawer) said he had an oscilloscope, too. The teacher asked where he got it. His response was that he found it. Knowing him, it would have been a midnight requisition with a five finger discount at moonlight supply. </p>
Wow! We're new Kindle owners, and friends have been telling us it's too bad we got a Kindle because we can't get Epub. Thanks so much for posting this! It works!!
FYI, calibre is smart enough to ask you if you want to convert a book to a format your reader will take, when you send it to the reader.
very nice at my house we have 3 different e readers all of different makes and we have 1 Calibre library for them all and it works great

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