Converting Film-Slides to Digital (no Physics Needed)


Introduction: Converting Film-Slides to Digital (no Physics Needed)

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I have hundreds of old medium format slides from the early 1960's, that I shot using my Rolleiflex camera. Many are very precious, & in some cases, historical, as to locations, etc. I ended up building the stage set-up shown, & along with my current digital  camera, a Sony DSC H-7, was able to copy the original slides, using a tripod, & the camera set in macro mode. Fortunately I am able to edit every slide on my "Mac" computer, without using photoshop. I am extremely satisfied with this procedure, as many of the color slides were rapidly deteriorating. I don't know how other computers compare as far as iphoto editing goes, but I'm so very happy with the results.
Hope my diagram is pretty much self-explanatory to all.



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    I was going to build something like this till I found a copy stand called ShotCopy which was already assembled and ready to go.

    I too have load of slides and have tried digitising them with my scanner, but was never that fond of the result. I got the photography bug from my dad and I remember him making a Heath Robinson style  contraption to photograph slides to film to produce print (pre-digital!) Your instructable has inspired me to make a new version of this with the addition of a slide feeder mechanism.

    Love your illustration, reminds me of the "how-to" books my grandfather has/had.

    I also enjoy the way you presented this Instructable. Nice!

    Many beautiful shots. You can view my photos on facebook. I try to upload some here, but not sure that I know how. These were originally taken in 1962. New Mexico.


    awesome, thanks for sharing!
    you should add some photos into the body of this Instructable!

    Thank you... I tried to photograph my set up, but I could not convey my message that way. As a result, I resorted to my best way of communication...... draw it. I think an artist's illustration, can sometimes replace a thousand words.

    Looks like a nice, simple approach.  What is the process for changing slides?  How long does it take?

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    This is done manually..... Yes, it is very time consuming. but the results are well worth it, since you are in control.

    love the style of this 'able