Step 2: Getting Started

To change the meter backplate we have to make a new one based on the old one's markings.  Disassemble the meter and remove the backplate, then put it in a flatbed scanner and scan it into your computer. 
I always say you are clever...
Nice work! <br> <br>Although I turned to digital photography I always appreciate a retro look to film technology. Standard films have a recording capacity of 50-150 lines/mm which is a superior resolution compared to 10Mb digital cameras (see my instructable on digitizing negatives) and the possibility of a smouth rendering of grey values due to the diffusion of Ag reaction. <br> <br>I have a minor observation for your modification: I think you could include on the same scale of EV, another one with a different colour, showing the f number (e.g from 1.2 to 22) for a standard case e.g. ISO 100 and exposure 125. This would avoid the use of a converter at least for a range of situations. The user can then move up and down a specific number of stops in exposure or aperture depending on the ISO of his film.
Not a bad idea, creating a meter specifically designed for your particular style of photography would be very cool and neat to have.
Very beautiful mind. Thanks

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