Step 2: The carburetor

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I used an old carburetor off my kids Go-Kart. It was shot and not repairable. It was physically the same size as the carb on my 10 hp generator and made by the same company. If you decide to use the carburetor off your engine be aware that this process is not reversible and it will make the carburetor totally useless for any other purpose. My advice is to obtain an old carb to convert for 3 reasons.

One, if you screw it up and it doesnt work, then you still have your original one to put back on your engine.

Two, if you decide to later return your engine to operate off gasoline, it only takes a min or two to put the old carb back on.

Three, you will have a way to run your engine on two different types of fuels. Could be useful in a crisis when gasoline might become scarce.

You can obtain old carbs possibly by visiting a local small engine repair shop. They might give you one cheap if it cant be used on a gasoline motor anymore. Another source is to look for the same type of carb or engine that has a carb, on an old mower or some other engine that doesnt run anymore. Look on craigs list, garage sales, ebay, neighbors backyards, trash dumps etc etc... any carb that will physically fit your engine should work for this even if it is gummed up from gasoline. Possibly if its from another mfg, just as long as the mounting flange and openings are the same.
dabombmaker5 years ago
ps when ur kids hate you its cause you stole their joy (aka go cart) jkjk great Instructable man the world needs more people like you.
Rainh2o (author)  dabombmaker5 years ago
Thanks for the tip about deburring. I remember doing that a few times but dont know why I didn't think about it when I needed it. And the kids, they got a new carb for the go cart...that how I ended up with this one...so they dont hate me...LOL