The original idea was simple, use a dying electric scooter to power a push mower and take some of the work out of trimming my postage stamp yard. It did not work out as intended, things always seem easier of paper. But, since I have managed to make every mistake possible, please benefit from my mistakes!

Step 1: The Plan

Original plan:
Any 24V scooter has two 12V batteries, a motor and a speed control. Why not pull out the parts and attach it to a push mower to make a variable speed cutter that can be push around the yard. It seemed simple enough.

The motor is way to fast, and finding a simple way to connect the drive belt to the mower did not work for me. The mower runs at about 80 rotations of the cutter for every one of the wheel (WAG estimate). Adding the scooter motor would shoot that high enough to make the mower take-off. Unsafe and unwise.

Adapted plan:
Use a windshield wiper motor (12V) and one scooter battery (using the other as a spare) to power the motor.

Simple and cheap...except that the windshield wiper motor why strong is about half the speed you will need. It cuts, but the process of trimming even a 10' X 12' lawn becomes a chore.

Adapted-Adapted plan:
After destroying the batteries by accidentally overcharging them, I found a powered window motor for $12 online. The RPMs were roughly double, and I could always order the other rotation is I completely ruined one side of the motor.

What a plan! Through a little tinkering, this works very well, and cuts just a little slower than I would like.
You get an A for effort.
You gotta admit that them things is for them hards working people...unlike us lazy nerds we find ways to cheat and add motors to out hand tools...THE YOUTH NOWADAYS! LOL
You know, that comment would probably pull more weight if you added a motor to it...
I like your idea but not able to get the whole picture. Photos from the other side would help.
The other side is the stock wheel assembly that came on the mower. The drive gear is still attached, and technically the mower will work without the motor running. If you need more info, let me know and I'll get you a picture.
Very nice idea! This looks like it would save you a lot of money on gas, and give your lawn a nice look. Once again, Great idea! 5/5 stars
The second video is finally up! Sorry for the delay!
Very interesting, thanks for the instructable.
Very cool, but from the video, it seems like a screaming metal mower of doom, but I guess that doesn't matter if it makes a job easier.
That is what push mowers sound like. It is simply more continuous. It is actually really quiet. I can't get YouTube to take the second video of the mower cutting.
Yeah, youtube is frustrating some times.
:-\ ok?
Cool! I like it! Very Useful!

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