What follows hopes to be a simple, cheap and effective way of converting any Paintball marker to fire BB's at high velocity. Beware that this is in no way safe to use on the field unless well tested and adjusted on a chronograph to avoid injury.

Disclaimer: I will not be held responsible for your actions and any injuries that result from the making or usage of this device.

Step 1: What You'll Need

Basically you need to start by gathering the following tools and resources
<p>can you buy the converting barrel ready made?</p>
you could pull the bb barrel all the way to the place were the pb ammo feeds in so you don't have to plug it up or drill a hole into the pb barrel
me and my friend are trying to mod his old tippman 98 into a airsoft sniper rifle. this will help loads.
let me know if you would like to see some of the improvements i've made to this initial design, mine is now magazine fed and much more reliable.
can you post a picture of your current design? the mag-fed system sounds cool.
oo this looks like it would really hurt!......I have to try it!
I have just realized a major flaw in the design, the feed-barrel is still a barrel, it fire bullets up into my hopper. Luckily I have plans for a more intricate magazine fed design. Leave a comment if you would like an updated instructable.
Looks like a commercially made product called a &quot;barrage barrel.&quot;
yeah, i just checked that out, More user friendly (because you can adjust the pressure), But mine has to be a very good alternative
Hey, my girlfriend' dad did this with an cheap stryker paintball gun. He was shooting 4.4mm stenlesssteal BB, and the accuracy was really good. Could pop a balloon at 100feet.

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