Step 2: Disassemble IKEA Stollet Lamp

Before creation, destruction:

Carefully disassemble the IKEA Stollet lamp. The ceiling mount will not be needed & should be removed. Just remember to keep all the wiring intact. I had to use metal shears to clip through the metal discs.

Be sure to KEEP the metal plate/disc that covers the top of the lamp (top, that is, when it's used as a hanging lamp). You'll need to thread this off of the lamp's wiring for later use. Happily, this disc just unscrews from the top of the lamp; then it's just a matter of pulling all the lamp's wiring through its hole.

In photos1 & 2 below, it's the part of the lamp to which the red arrow is pointing (for clarity's sake: please note that the silver metal band you see on the outside edge of the lamp is attached to the acrylic. The piece to which I'm referring screws to the top of the lamp and is hidden from view by that metal band).

Take notice of the width of the lamp's threaded base. You'll need this width in the next step.
i got a couple of those lights packed somewhere Just need to find a replacement for the Cherry Veneer Paper as i dont wanna order it, prefer to find another way :p Kewl idea dude :)
Ugh... the closest Ikea store is about 70 miles from me... which is good, or I'd be spending a bundle to make my own furnishings and have a house full of i-ble ikea projects...
very nice indeed! i think you missed a zero on the price for the lamp though $5 seems very cheap even by ikea's standards!
Actually, no, the $5 price is accurate. As noted, I found this lamp in IKEA's "As-Is" department where open/used items are available for a discount. To be accurate, IKEA's As-Is pricing is usually on the high side (meaning "not much of a deal" from their original pricing). But, every so often, you can find products for a very reasonable price. Such as this $5 lamp.
Yes! I got the bare "L" from an Ektorp couch for $56, added a base to level it and I have a small chaise longue that is EXACTLY the right size for my tiny TV area. Wheee!
Very nice! I love the simplicity of ikea stuff. Too bad there isn't one nearby.
How did you mount the switch? Mounted to the box or inline to the plug?
There is no switch -- it just plugs directly into the wall. Depending upon the cord you choose, you could mount a switch on the cord -or- do as I do & have it plugged into an outlet that's control by a wall switch.
Wow nice work! I love repurposed furniture

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