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My sunglasses were made with walnut wood, while eyeglass lenses with brown plexiglas.
My inspiration comes from the shape of the eyes of a cat and from the wings of a butterfly.
The name of the piece of wood cocoon recalls that after the initial processing is transformed into something else.


MorganGardiner (author)2014-01-14

Very classy.

foobear (author)2014-01-12

Beautiful... but no instructions

valentina.messineo (author)2014-01-10

I cut the outline of my sunglasses and I used the sandpaper to improve the shape.
While details such as hinges and the recess for the support of the nose were made with the help of a file from wood.
I'm sorry but my English is not very good

Lectric Wizard (author)2014-01-09

COOL ! More details would be nice & title has typo ...

HollyMann (author)2014-01-09

Oh these are amazing - wish you would share the details of how you made them!

Kiteman (author)HollyMann2014-01-09


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