Cook a Poutine !





Introduction: Cook a Poutine !

I'm from Quebec and I always love the taste of a big good poutine! I've went to USA and never seem to find this kind of meal in restaurant... so here is my one of a kind Poutine recipe.

Step 1: Get Your Ingredients

1 - French Fry
2- Cheese (you can have small cube too)
3 - Poutin sauce...this is the hard part for anyone from Europe or even USA... but If you need some Poutine sauce recipe I found some on google.

4- My personnal favorite : Sausage (also called Dalton Poutine)

Step 2: Cook the French Fry

1- Put a layer (....or more...) of french fry on your cooking pan
2- Preheat the oven for 5 min
3- Put the french fry in the oven
4- Set the timer (see the french fry bag)

Step 3: Prepare the Sauce for Heating

1- Open the can
2- Put about half the can for 1 person in a micro-wavable bowl
3- Keep the rest in the fridge (in a closed bowl)

Step 4: Wait for About 4:30 on the French Fry Timer

Step 5: Start the Sauce Heating and Timer (about 4:30)

Step 6: At About 2mins Left Cook Add the Sausage

1- Take the fry out of the oven
2- Turn them a bit
3- Add the sausage
4- Reinsert in the oven

Step 7: When French Fry and Sauce Are Ready :

1- Remove the french fry + sausage from the oven
2- Remove the sauce from the micro-wave
3- Put the french fry + sausage in a bowl (or a plate..)
4- Add the cheese
5- Pour in the sauce



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I love poutine 9I can get it here, but it is expensive)- I want to make my own pan fries, but I really want to get the cheese curds- anyone know where to buy them (I am not paying 6.50 for 250 grams of squeeky cheese curds at the poutine restaurant!)

I have used brown gravy and chicken gravy and it turns out pretty good, but i use mozz cheese instead of cheese curds.

I do the same, but I blend cheddar and feta instead of using mozzarella. Also have done a gorgonzola-based batch before. It added a nice tang to the poutine.

Add 5 Tabasco drops in your sauce while it's heating up. It gives the sauce a "whoompf" to your taste buds.

Original Recipe of course

Everyone like poutine in Québec, even girls :P
People talk about the "good" poutine of Montréal, but the best poutine isnt there. I think the best are on the little villages where they can have (daily) fresh curd cheese. Those villages made poutine long before Montréal even know that it exist ;) Who invent it and where; Its a neverending debate here, since nobody really know where it come from. Lot of people think it come from Centre du Québec (Drummondville, Victoriaville, Princeville), or from Beauce... When i was young (like 25 years ago), we also called this meal "mixte", and it did'nt exist in big cities like Montréal and Québec (at least not with curd cheese).
Celle-ci est une Dulton, est-ce que tu es de Québec ? Il me semble qu'on ne la nomme pas partout comme ca encore ^_^

In America, a lot of diners have "disco fries," and if they don't, they're usually willing to whip some up. It uses gravy instead of actual poutine sauce, but to me, it tastes just like what I had when I went to Quebec.

Cottage cheese is a curd cheese? Can it be used in this recipe?

I wouldn't use it. Cottage cheese is creamy and very fat (in its own way) You can still enjoy a nice poutine with regular cheddar cheese cut into piece. Just make sure it melt a little when you pour the hot sauce on it :)

How exactly do you say the word "poutine"?

is it like poo teen?
Or put sin??

Can't wait to try them.
I think I will cut my own fries from some potatoes.

(hope this isn't a double post)

Poo (self explain)
Tin (like a tin can)

If you want something really delicious, try Poutine au fois gras.