Introduction: Cook a Poutine !

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I'm from Quebec and I always love the taste of a big good poutine! I've went to USA and never seem to find this kind of meal in restaurant... so here is my one of a kind Poutine recipe.

Step 1: Get Your Ingredients

Picture of Get Your Ingredients

1 - French Fry
2- Cheese (you can have small cube too)
3 - Poutin sauce...this is the hard part for anyone from Europe or even USA... but If you need some Poutine sauce recipe I found some on google.

4- My personnal favorite : Sausage (also called Dalton Poutine)

Step 2: Cook the French Fry

Picture of Cook the French Fry

1- Put a layer (....or more...) of french fry on your cooking pan
2- Preheat the oven for 5 min
3- Put the french fry in the oven
4- Set the timer (see the french fry bag)

Step 3: Prepare the Sauce for Heating

Picture of Prepare the Sauce for Heating

1- Open the can
2- Put about half the can for 1 person in a micro-wavable bowl
3- Keep the rest in the fridge (in a closed bowl)

Step 4: Wait for About 4:30 on the French Fry Timer

Picture of Wait for About 4:30 on the French Fry Timer

Step 5: Start the Sauce Heating and Timer (about 4:30)

Step 6: At About 2mins Left Cook Add the Sausage

Picture of At About 2mins Left Cook Add the Sausage

1- Take the fry out of the oven
2- Turn them a bit
3- Add the sausage
4- Reinsert in the oven

Step 7: When French Fry and Sauce Are Ready :

Picture of When French Fry and Sauce Are Ready :

1- Remove the french fry + sausage from the oven
2- Remove the sauce from the micro-wave
3- Put the french fry + sausage in a bowl (or a plate..)
4- Add the cheese
5- Pour in the sauce


lexkeepsitsimple (author)2012-01-20

I love poutine 9I can get it here, but it is expensive)- I want to make my own pan fries, but I really want to get the cheese curds- anyone know where to buy them (I am not paying 6.50 for 250 grams of squeeky cheese curds at the poutine restaurant!)

Yerboogieman (author)2009-12-27

I have used brown gravy and chicken gravy and it turns out pretty good, but i use mozz cheese instead of cheese curds.

DMasters (author)Yerboogieman2011-08-13

I do the same, but I blend cheddar and feta instead of using mozzarella. Also have done a gorgonzola-based batch before. It added a nice tang to the poutine.

mack_jigger (author)2011-07-17

Add 5 Tabasco drops in your sauce while it's heating up. It gives the sauce a "whoompf" to your taste buds.

Original Recipe of course

sweetnienna (author)2011-04-07

Everyone like poutine in Québec, even girls :P
People talk about the "good" poutine of Montréal, but the best poutine isnt there. I think the best are on the little villages where they can have (daily) fresh curd cheese. Those villages made poutine long before Montréal even know that it exist ;) Who invent it and where; Its a neverending debate here, since nobody really know where it come from. Lot of people think it come from Centre du Québec (Drummondville, Victoriaville, Princeville), or from Beauce... When i was young (like 25 years ago), we also called this meal "mixte", and it did'nt exist in big cities like Montréal and Québec (at least not with curd cheese).
Celle-ci est une Dulton, est-ce que tu es de Québec ? Il me semble qu'on ne la nomme pas partout comme ca encore ^_^

LilithAvalon (author)2011-01-26

In America, a lot of diners have "disco fries," and if they don't, they're usually willing to whip some up. It uses gravy instead of actual poutine sauce, but to me, it tastes just like what I had when I went to Quebec.

Lokisgodhi (author)2010-08-24

Cottage cheese is a curd cheese? Can it be used in this recipe?

andreq (author)Lokisgodhi2010-08-24

I wouldn't use it. Cottage cheese is creamy and very fat (in its own way) You can still enjoy a nice poutine with regular cheddar cheese cut into piece. Just make sure it melt a little when you pour the hot sauce on it :)

Greasetattoo (author)2010-04-10

How exactly do you say the word "poutine"?

is it like poo teen?
Or put sin??

Can't wait to try them.
I think I will cut my own fries from some potatoes.

andreq (author)Greasetattoo2010-04-10

(hope this isn't a double post)

Poo (self explain)
Tin (like a tin can)

If you want something really delicious, try Poutine au fois gras.

Greasetattoo (author)andreq2010-04-11

Is it fois or foie?

Would love to try it, but no where around, serves this in the good ole USA.

Guess, I will have to make my own.
Thanks for the correct  pronunciation, too!

andreq (author)Greasetattoo2010-04-11

it's "foie" sorry!

You can probably find some recipe on line :-).

Good luck!

pineview (author)2008-03-13

anybody now any way to make vegetarian poutine? i'm not a vegan so the cheese isn't a problem, but i dont wanna have meat in it haha.

andreq (author)pineview2008-03-13

The saussage is an "extra"... A normal poutine :

French Fry
Cheese Curds (or whaterver you want... but curds = GOOD!)
Sauce (mix of chicken broth, floor and some other spice...)

if chicken broth is too "meaty" try to search for vegetarian poutine sauce on google ;)

Have fun !

old_bass_masta (author)andreq2010-02-26

 wouldn't creme de champigon do?

andreq (author)old_bass_masta2010-02-26

This wouldn't be as classic tasting as a "real" poutine sauce, but it might be good !

old_bass_masta (author)andreq2010-02-26

 Now i want to try it.. but that would require me frying some fries, and finding some canned soup.
I don't do the baked fries personally.

and personally, i don't think "floor" is a great addition to broth :P

andreq (author)old_bass_masta2010-02-26

I meant flour :)

Wrote that comment 2 years ago when my english wasn't as good as it is today.


Let me know if it's good!

blodefood (author)pineview2008-04-09

There are many recipes for vegetarian gravy (sauce) that you could use. I made a mushroom flavoured gravy with a couple of mushrooms, some soy sauce, some thyme, olive oil, onion and white flour for Christmas dinner once which turned out nice. The French fries should be done in vegetable oil. If you can get some rennet-free cheese curds you're on your way!

old_bass_masta (author)2010-02-26

 J'aime poutine! Merci beaucoup mon ami!

I too am in America, and there is no such thing as poutine in a restaurant, and the canned poutine sauce made me soooo happy.
Thank you!

Patented (author)2008-07-05

a la l'air bonne ta poutine!!Ma essayer sa!Merci!

cedrikleblanc (author)2008-07-03

You can take the poutine out of Quebec, but you cannot take the Quebecer out of Quebec without his Poutine. Try the 'Patio Vidal' recipe (a restaurant we have back here) Add some chicken strips some hot-dog sausages and top it off with a creamy coleslaw (another insider when you go to St-Hubert its either creamy or traditional coleslaw (cabbage salad) as a side dish :D) but just don't forget the cheese curds and poutine sauce because it creates a perfect union. Without those you just have plain fries with brown sauce and cheese not a Poutine....

livin large (author)2008-05-02

Does anybody have a poutine galvaude recipe.It's been 10 years that I moved back to Florida needless to say they haven't even heard of this dish.Quebec knows how to cook let me tell ya but it's tooooooo cold!!

R4Man18 (author)livin large2008-05-06

I live in south FL and they have poutine here. In sport bars they call it bar fries, at the bowling alley and skating rink they call it disco fries. Great stuff! But i pref chili cheese fries.

joly (author)2008-01-07

I simply got my poutine sauce on eBay! ...Look for "poutine quebec"

bezoard (author)joly2008-03-25

HAHAHAHA! Niiiice! I'm from Quebec and I'll never thinked to sell some poutine sauce! XD

joly (author)bezoard2008-03-26

I don't think you could make a lot of money selling little packs 2$... but you could give it a try :P

andreq (author)joly2008-03-13

Maybe a late reply, but you've paid 800% of the real price... a small pack of dry poutine sauce is worth about $1 here... Try some Poutine Sauce recipe on google instead, they're worth it !

joly (author)andreq2008-03-13

I've already tried it, and you never get the same great taste as the St-Hubert sauce, the reall Quebec sauce!!!

cheesecurds (author)2008-03-17

NYC Murrays Cheese Shop carries Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery cheese curds. They are the best! Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery was named the "Cheese Curd Capital of Wisconsin" by the Wisconsin Governor. The cheese is awesome and can be ordered online. If you stop at their creamery in Wisconsin you can take out warm bags of cheese curds that really squeak! Or just put in the microwave oven for a few seconds! YUM!

SBrooksB (author)2007-10-10

I got addicted to poutine in Montreal last year, and have to say that FRESH cheese curds really bat this dish out of the ballpark. Fresh cheese curds squeak when you bite into them. The texture is just insanely great.

I have yet to find fresh curds in the States -- even here in NYC. I've found a number of Midwestern dairy farms that ship cheese curds, but by the time the curds reach you, the squeak is gone. They still taste good, but the texture isn't authentic.

Good poutine is the perfect 3:00 a.m., post-bar snack. It's soothing and anchoring and soaks up the booze.

orangepeel91 (author)SBrooksB2008-03-13

I live in Chicago and fresh Cheese curds isn't a problem, as long as I am willing to drive to Wisconsin to get them.

Tobita (author)SBrooksB2008-01-01

ever go to shcwartz?

Arkrus (author)2008-02-26

NO CURDS! Blasphemy

andreq (author)Arkrus2008-02-27

Yah... ok ... I was a poor student back when I've done this Instructable! Actually, yesterday I've made a real good poutine with a nice homemade brown gravy. Fresh curds and homemade French fry... tasted real good ! I might update/write a new instructable... I've actually bought a nice book about the poutine story with a nice list of restaurant where to get the best poutine!!! If you can read french : "Maudite Poutine" is a real nice book ! Cya!

xcursedx (author)2006-09-02

your supposed to use st.huberts gravy and white cheese curds, mmm

yeah when i was in england i had my local bup make it up for me, at first they thought i was strange , but once they tried it they thought i was still strange but thought it tasted good, lolz

Tobita (author)xcursedx2008-01-01

Actually, it is 1:1 mixture of st hubert hot chicken sauce and tomato or bbq sauce(i forgot witch) (i used to work there)

ghostrider2 (author)2007-11-29

they sell the sauce in some grocery stores in vermont, although im not sure how good it is.

ghostrider2 (author)2007-11-29

you can also get some during the summer at a snackbar called the B&W; in orleans, VT. my family and i go there alot, and they have pretty good poutine. also, the hockey arena in stanstead has pretty good poutine if you go there for a hockey game.

MKrebs (author)2007-08-15

Hi, Im Miguel Im from Germany. I pass my vacation in Montreal and I eat alot Poutine, but now Im back in myHome in Dom.Rep. and I want to made Poutine im my home, so, Can someone send me the Velouté Sauce Recipe for made Poutine... I will be waiting the Recipe. My mail is Danke.

NanaSawyer (author)2007-05-13

We make ours with frozen crinkle cut fries, bacon, mozzerella and onions. Our gravy is made with chicken broth as a base, it is delicious!!!

Justin McKay (author)2006-11-29

The curds... THE CURDS... you gotta have the curds! Shredded cheese just won't cut it... oh, and I agree that Ontario poutine sucks, although here in Ottawa it's not too bad... still, poutine is teh shit!

soleilnyc (author)2006-08-14

Though many have tried,the best poutine in NYC is at Pommes Frites on 2nd Ave and 7th St. Otherwise, the best substitute I have found for "poutine sauce" (which, in spite of all above statements to the contrary IS brown bad/cheap it's good brown all the poutine carts, they use President orPC brown gravy) is Heinz Onion Gravy in the glass jar. If you are in NYC you can certainly find some cheese curds.

dphagan (author)soleilnyc2006-10-30

Pomme Frites is a must visit for any potato conniseurs who visit NYC. I didn't try the poutine (which I loved during my brief visit to Quebec), but their fries and the amazing number of sauces were incredible.

Lil Bastard (author)2006-08-01

Is it true that if a girl likes poutine, that makes her a thespian?

I was wondering the same thing.

Stanislaw (author)2006-09-19

I like making mine with potatoe wedges from my garden potatoes and koshe salt...cause it gots a bit more texture.

squakz (author)2006-08-15

Ha ha.. nice! I'm from Quebec, but have since moved to Ontario- where the poutine sucks! So now i've started a "collection" of Poutine packets and cans that you buy at the grocery store!

cookiedough (author)2006-07-12

I first had poutin when I was in BC--nothing like greasy fries, gravy and cheese curds! Isn't poutin your everyday brown gravy? For those of you in the bay area, Trials Pub, 265 N 1st St in San Jose serves the only Fries Poutin I've seen in the US. Not quite the same, but very close :)

moltencheese (author)cookiedough2006-07-24

Ya you're right. Its just regular gravy, french fries, and curds - gotta be curds 'cause they're the best!

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