Cook Your Food With a Glue Gun





Introduction: Cook Your Food With a Glue Gun

In this Instructable you will learn how to Turn a Regular 1$ Glue Gun into a Mini-Electric Stove. Its very simple to do and very helpful if you're ever in need of a stove.

Check Out The Instructional Video Here!!!

Step 1: Materials

You will Need the following-

$1 Glue Gun
2 Paper Clips
1 Can of Food

*Optional - TinFoil


Step 2: Make Stove

Step 1- Unscrew the Glue Gun and Open it,
Step 2- Remove everything from the inside, like the Trigger and the Nozzle.
Step 3- Locate the Heat Generator which is on the Nozzle and Save it.
Step 4- Straighten your 2 paper clips, then wrap them around the Heat Generator,
(Make sure cord is not plugged in) Refer to the Picture below to see how it should look like.
Like a spider Shape.

*Make sure the Paper clips are tightly wrapped around the Heat Generator.


Step 3: Cook Food and Enjoy

Now open your can of Soup/Pasta and Place it on top of your Stove
*Make sure the legs of the stove are stable, if not trim some of it off.

Plug the Cord in the outlet and let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes (depending on the size of can)

Check on it from time to time once its the right temperature, remove it and EJOY!!!!

Refer to the Instructional video for a better idea of how to do this project.

Check out the video----->




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    would this work with a used glue gun????????????????????

    That is awesome! Too bad I would just use a microwave xD

    You're scaring me, you have a comment on 95% of the instructables i look at =P

    Not like I am stalking you... o.o

    uhhh this blew a fuse in my house. i think the paper clips screwed up the connections. sparks flew, lights flickered, you know.

    only thing is the glue gun must be a very high wattage

    How would you do this with a soldering iron?