Cooked Shrimp Thawed in Coffee Pot


Introduction: Cooked Shrimp Thawed in Coffee Pot

It's pretty easy and a safe way to defrost and thaw cooked seafood.
1. Rinse pot and filter with tap water.
2. Replace filter.
3. Fill pot with water to the top measuring line and add to coffee maker.
4. Put frozen cooked Shrimp in coffee pot.
5. Put pot in place.
6. Turn on pot and let water run onto Shrimp.
7. Put strainer in sink.
8. Add Shrimp and drain: then rinse it under cold water.
9. Add to an easy dip, pasta salad, buttered  rice and vegeatbles etc,.



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    Would you not be better off thawing in running cold water in the strainer or a bowl?

    1 reply

    I agree. This was a total waste of my time. Thought I would find something useful.

    umm... why is this listed under vegetarian?

    Pouring boiling water over the frozen shrimp would be quicker.

    Yes! Thanks! I guess I brain-cramped with warming it but I would certainly like it better cold!