Here is a cute hand made  cookie basket I sewed as a gift  for my neighbour, to  serve the cookies during this festival season.With the little scrap  of fabric you have, you can sew them in to any size you want. I had a felt piece of 8 1/2 inches in width  so I had to sew according to this measurment. This turned out to be  an ideal size and can  use not only for cookies,but for several other stuffs like bread ,buns etc.

The bottom felt has to be a little bit thicker than the side boarders.I have done scallops for the edges,if you like there is an option to sew beautiful scalloped 1/2 inch  lace around the edges.

I am pretty sure she is going to love this gift.

Step 1: Requirements

Fabric  of your choice 
Thread to match
Top pins
Mesuring tape
Silk thread for embroidery
Sewing Machine
Baby ribbon
 A4 paper
Marker pen

My mum did this cookie basket to use for bread .Thank you very much for posting this.I vote for you.
Your next 'ible should be how to make one of these in edible cookie form :)
Ohh..If I get the time I will definitely make an edible cookie basket and post it in my husbands profile.I already have an idea in my mind .In the mean time have a look at my edible Advent calender.Thank you for viewing my Ible. <br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Edible-Advent-Calender/
This is cool.Few of these basket will be nice to serve the festival goodies.Thanks for your great idea.
its beautiful.... love the idea...
That is so sweet and pretty...never would have thought of it :-) thanks

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