I'm not a big pie person (especially the crusts), so I made up my own "pie" that is delicious and I am not the only one who thinks so.  So if you love brownies, chocolate chip cookies, and caramel, there is no reason for you to not love this pie.  It also doesn't really require many ingredients and you can make two pies depending on the size of your pie pan.

Step 1: Ingredients

You don't need anything too fancy for this.

Cookie dough: homemade or from the store (I had a 30oz. package and did not use it all for two pies)
Brownie mix: (1 box of 19.4oz. was enough for two pies)
Caramel: I ended up using Dulce de Leche which was great, but expensive (1lb. and didn't use it all for one pie)
Pie Pans: 2 or you can use the same one twice (Mine is 7 inches in diameter on the bottom)

(Some of my ingredients were for two pies because I experimented first and failed which you will see in the last step.)
Makes me want to smoke a fatty and bake one of these and munch out!!! Especially with the dulce de leche!!
everything looks good except for the caramel. I hate caramel.
This looks A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!!!
I'm totally trying this out!!
It is very awesome :)
OMG looks so delicious! It made my mouth water! <br>And it's such a creative idea with the chocolate chip cookie dough, and the combination is great ;)
Thank you! It tastes amazing all together :)
It is pretty darn delicious :)
There goes my diet.
O.M.G......speechless. Basking in the awesomeness of awesomness defined-ness :P <br>
Love this! I have a similar recipe that I made with a shortbread crust, mocha fudge brownie and cream cheese icing on top. Great minds think alike!
I just love how many ways you can alter this and make it into another amazing pie!!!
I love the cookie crust idea!
Thank you! I don't like pie crusts, they are always so dry and bla to me. I think this really adds to a pie!
Dear brownies in heaven, that looks delicious! I'll have to try it!
I strongly suggest it!
I have a jar of spreadable coconut cream. I will work your recipe but add the coconut cream between the layers.
It is always great to add on! I am a big fan of taking recipes and projects and making them my own!
This looks like a good one to try. I got a lot of good compliments on a similar (very easy) pie for Thanksgiving (I made 1 for work and 1 for family). Brownie bottom, chocolate pudding in the middle, whipped cream with chocolate sprinkles on top.
Okay, rhdy, so now I have to make up TWO food kits for each kid...
Mmm, that sounds very tasty! Lots of chocolate goodness.
Oh YUM! I've got to try this. And then I have to figure out how to make up a kit to send to my kids for Christmas. (How do I prevent drool from getting on the recipe?)
It would be fun to have kits, all you would need, really, is boxed ingredients for the brownies and cookies and then a jar of caramel :) That sounds like a great gift!
Wow that looks so good, I'm definitely going to have to try that soon. And I actually like my brownies a little undercooked, that failed pie looked delicious.
Oh, I still ate it! I couldn't pass up brownies no matter what. And it wasn't really bad, just more moist than usual. :)
Oh great.Gonna have to postpone my diet. Again...
I think it is worth the postponement :)
Definitely! I could eat this whole pie by myself!<br><br>I love that you choose Dulce de Leche for the top. I'm not sure if you are familiar with this technique, but you can make Dulce de Leche from a can of sweet condensed milk. It takes a couple of hours, but will save you money. A can of condensed milk won't cost you more than $1.50 and would probably be the perfect amount for the pie, with a little left over.
I actually didn't know that and it is a nice thing to know. That stuff wasn't cheep and your version sounds just as good :)
have fun i like kake
Looks very appetizing, I think that is very tasty
Thank you!
So yummy looking!
Even yummier tasting ;)
I like cake much better than pie! This is totally awesome!<br>Sunshiine
Thank you! I agree. So much more awesome than pie!
Looks good. Did you see my Cookie, Cake and Ice Cream Pie? :-)
Thank you, and I went over to see it after you mentioned it. Looks good :) Isn't it wonderful we can combine such wonderful foods together. And you were able to cook it all together! Awesome!
I don't look at many of the foodibles, but when I saw this, it was like some strange power took over my hand, moved the cursor over, and clicked on the picture. Looks good and, best of all, it's seems to be within my culinary capabilities.
Thank you for looking! Yes, I can't cook at all, but I feel anyone can do this and that is one of the reasons I love it!
So you basically took the three best things ever and combined them. This is a triumph. I must make this, as soon as I can shop for ingredients.
Yes! Thank you! It is really good. And I think the caramel is what really makes it work!
Yeah, caramel definitely makes everything better.<br>
Not going to argue with that :)

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