Step 1: Assess What You Have in Your Pantry

Here's a picture of what I had available. More detailed:
  • I only had one stick of butter left, most cookie recipes call for more fat than that
  • Some canola oil
  • Half empty bags of white flour and almond meal
  • A little white sugar, some brown sugar, some crystallized honey, some molasses and peanut butter
  • A half empty bag of chocolate chips, nearly empty bag of trail mix, half eaten candy bar
  • A couple eggs
  • Various spices and extracts
Faced with this situation, most people would run to the store and pick up a bit extra of whatever was needed. Not me, though! Next, let's take a look at the original recipe and I'll show you to modify it to suit what you've got.

This is totally awesome! I often want to bake something and don't have all the ingredients. Now all I need to do is visit your page and make do! Thanks! Have a great day!<br>Sunshiine
This combines my three favorite things in the world: Cookies, Science and Reverse Engineering! I love almond too- makes for great pie crust, but never thought of using vegetable oil before. <br><br>What did you use as the Milk base for your recipe? Was it the Molasses and Honey? I sometimes use coconut milk, myself, when I'm out of dairy products.
Thanks Matthew! I kept the two eggs that the original recipe called for (is that what you mean?), though coconut milk sounds delicious.<br /><br />In this recipe the eggs are primarily a "binder", so there are a few substitutions I can recommend if you don't have eggs on hand:<br /><br />- almond meal<br />- 1/4 a cup of applesauce <br />- 1/2 a mashed up banana<br /><br />You could even try using a gelatin solution (now that would be WILD).
mmm cookies!

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