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Hello once again.. I have made a little game based off of Cookie Clicker! So you start with 50 cookies and their is one upgrade. And that one upgrade is "Multiplier" it cost 100 cookies and their is 4 levels. I made this pretty fast so if any bugs are found please comment below and I will try my hardest to fix it :)

Also suggest more upgrades that are reasonable. An auto clicker isn't possible due to how it pause and other stuff in the file :(

Step 1: Installing...

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To install press the CookieClick.exe and run it!

Step 2: Shop

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Multiplier - Cost 100 cookies - 4 Levels

Suggest ideas in the comments :)


AdminS4 (author)2016-12-04

treesquatch (author)2015-11-27

Did you make this with Java or with batch files? Or something else?

Search up "Advance Bat to EXE" and you can have multiple colors and "Click Events" check out some YouTube videos for tutorial :)

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