Picture of Cookie House with Christmas Lights
cookie house 3 045.jpg
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cookie house 3 048.jpg
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cookie house 3 035.jpg
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I had so much fun making this cute little house. Absolutely everything is edible.  I added a little cinnamon to this sugar cookie dough so that it would smell good too. My favorite part  is the chocolate covered sunflower seeds (Christmas lights), the wreath, and the crumbled cookie pathway. Also look closely to see the brick imprint on the side of the house. Oh and don't forget the cute little bird that just landed on the bird bath.This delicious project we be great to do as a family. You could keep it as a center piece for your holiday parties, and /or make one or more as gifts.
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Step 1: You Will Need

Picture of You Will Need
cookie dough recipe
royal icing
assorted food coloring
assorted candy decorations
life cereal
powdered sugar for snow
chocolate covered sunflower seeds
gumpaste for bird bath and birds
house mold or house templet 
leaf tip
small round tip
chocolate rocks

Step 2:

Picture of
cookie wall art 088.jpg
cookie wall art 089.jpg
cookie wall art 090.jpg
cookie wall art 117.jpg
cookie wall art 118.jpg
cookie wall art 119.jpg
cookie wall art 120.jpg
cookie wall art 121.jpg
Start off by making your favorite sugar cookie recipe. The recipe I used is here. You can either draw or download your own "gingerbread house" template. I just used a mold that is meant to make chocolate houses. Here is a site that has a template and a  recipe for gingerbread. I also used a brick imprint mat to make my house look more realistic.

First I rolled out the cookie dough then I pressed the brick mat into it real good. Then I pressed the house mold into the dough and used a pizza cutter to cut around the dent that i made. Baked the pieces of house for about 15-20 min.

Step 3: Assemble the cookie house

Picture of Assemble the cookie house
cookie house 019.jpg
cookie house 020.jpg
cookie house 022.jpg
cookie house 024.jpg
cookie house 027.jpg
cookie house 042.jpg
cookie house 043.jpg
Pipe a line of royal icing on all the sides of the pieces (except the roof) Position it the way you want and you can use can to hold them up .Let dry well. I Suggest overnight. 

The next day you can pipe some royal icing and attach the roof. Again I suggest letting it dry overnight.
my favorite is the lights!!! i'm totally going to use that idea..some day. lol. too lazy now.
danlynne07 (author)  kristylynn842 years ago
My favorite too. They don't taste as good as I thought they would though.lol