Cookie Mold - SnowFlake





Introduction: Cookie Mold - SnowFlake

My girlfriend and I were planning to do some cookies with a Christmas mood.

This is the first mold we tried. Hope you like it!

Step 1: Design

We design taking some considerations:

> It is self-cutting. I mean, when you push the mold, you can cut the shape and let the mark at the same moment.

> Dimension. That cookie have to be eatable with a couple of bites ;)

> Thickness. We have tried 4mm thick aprox (3'8)

I leave for you here the design in SolidWorks, STEP and STL.

Step 2: Print

Sorry I didn't take any picture at that process! I have a Prusa i3 Print and we printed with the high level detail. So it took 4h to be done! I guess you can print it with less detail.

I choose PLA material. They say are not toxic... despite I will not try to eat it ;)

Step 3: Try It!

This is how real cookies look!! Very tasty!! Yummy!

Have a nice day!



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    That looks really nice. Could you share the cookie recipe that you used. My cookies always seems to spread out and deform when baking.

    I want to make one of these. Your pretend cookie looks delicious (and so cute).