Introduction: Cookie Tin HD TV Antenna

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This is a simple no matching transformer needed HDTV antenna made from a cookie tin. This antenna is designed for the lower end frequencies that are in use by HDTV but performs well through out the entire frequency set. The template should making construction a bit easier. 

This is my first Instructable so please provide constructive feedback.

Be careful when working with the metal and use safety gear when needed. There are many sharp pieces when building this antenna.

Step 1: Planning

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This is my first rough drawing of the antenna and the lid I used. Any cookie tin lid around ~7-12" in diameter and ~1/2" tall will work.

Step 2: Tools

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Only a few basic tools needed

Tin snips
High temp soldering iron with broad tip
Ruler or tape measure

Not Pictured
Eye protection and gloves

Step 3: Using the Template

Picture of Using the Template

I have made a better template for you guys than what I used. This will work for any size tin; you just have to cut it to fit in the tin.

When printing this just make sure you scale to media.

Using The Template
Cut to fit inside the tin. Notice that it doesn't cover the entire surface and that is ok. You will cut to sides out and color in your cut out.

Step 4: Cutting the Tin

Picture of Cutting the Tin

You will be using the tin snips and dremel to cut out the area you marked on the previous step. When complete use the dremel, sand paper and/or a file to remove the burs. Just be slow, patient and wear some gloves and eye protection because those edges are sharp.

Notice that my two sides are a bit uneven (I eyeballed some of the rough template) but you shouldn't have this problem if you use the pdf template attached.

Step 5: Preparing to Attach the Coax

Picture of Preparing to Attach the Coax

Drill a ~1/4" hole in the tin to feed the coax through and de-bur. 
Make a bracket to hold the coax from scraps of the tin you cut out.

I can't recommend sanding the entire tin and any pieces you attach enough. If you do not the solder will not hold as well.

Step 6: Finished & Closing Notes

Picture of Finished & Closing Notes

Below I have the antenna sitting on a bed side lamp picking up every channel available in our area. I have seen similar antennas hanging from windows via suction cups.

I am tossing around the idea of coating this with rubber so it looks more like a store bought product.


pilchf15h made it! (author)2014-01-31

mrredbeard is a legend. It was either spend half a day making this for less than €30 or pay a professional to sell me and fix one of theirs for €150+.

I kept my original pie-tenna by'Tool Using Animal' which worked great but this new one is more robust and a perminant fixed in my loaf picking up 98% signal strength even in bad weather.

My solder iron let me down but I managed to use mrredbeards cable braket idea to fix the earth/shielding wire to the lid at the same time as holding the cable in play and screw it to the loaf beam.

I cannot express my great joy in using this site for the first time and finding that things like this do work and should be made by more folk, not just to save money but I had a great time making it.

Now all I need to do is take up smoking so I can then try out the E-cig creation or yours.

Take it handy!

MrRedBeard (author)pilchf15h2014-01-31

That is fantastic!

sodiumcanine (author)2017-02-26

Thank You MrRedBeard,

Wish I had access to a makerspace in So-Cal. Also do videos on YouTube about my various and random things I do on Land And Sea.


MrRedBeard (author)sodiumcanine2017-02-26

Subscribed! I have more projects on also I'd be surprised if there wasn't a makerspace in southern California cause the biggest ones are there.

sodiumcanine made it! (author)2017-02-26

Was bummed at first when I got the "No Signal" then realized I had the settings wrong on the T.V. Up to 149 channels. Was scrambling this morning when I remembered The Daytona 500 was today. Found a really thin pie tin, was able to score it with razor knife and cut it with EMT Shears (O.K. I was to lazy this morning

to get my tin snips out of my trunk. :) Used my hot glue gun when I could not find my solder. Thanks and Voted ! Now I get to watch Cars go fast and turn left..... :)


MrRedBeard (author)sodiumcanine2017-02-26

Looks great! I didn't have all my tools when I built mine but now have access to a makerspace which is a huge leap from where I was. Thanks for sharing.

deliman (author)2014-09-26

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