Cookie Tray Laptop Stand





Introduction: Cookie Tray Laptop Stand

Make a passive cooling laptop stand from a cookie tray. This idea was inspired by KoolSink laptop stands and their ridiculously expensive price. The result is not as polished but I bet it works just as well and costs a whole lot less.

Step 1: What You Need

1 x Cookie Tray
2 x Rubber bumps
2 x Stick mount cup hooks

Cookie Tray:
I got mine (Wilton Aluminum Cookie Sheet 12 1/2 x 16 1/2 x 1/4 Inches Deep) from Amazon for around $16. I chose an Aluminum one for better heat properties. I also chose a larger one as I might upgrade my laptop to a 15" later on.
Note: The cookie tray I got was thinner than I hoped so it would curve when the weight of the laptop is on it. But fear not, I have a solution, read on!

Rubber bumps:
I over paid for my 3M Rubber bumps from Amazon. Any kind will do, Walmart has them for cheap.

Stick mount cup hooks:
I just needed something to lift the back of the laptop stand a little. There are plenty of things that will do this. I happen to have some of these hooks from a previous project, they came from Walmart.

Step 2: Making It

The idea is pretty simple, use the rubber stops on the front of the cookie tray and the hooks towards the back to life the stand up a little. I placed both the rubber stops and the hooks right below where my laptop's rubber feet are. Doing it this way will prevent the cookie tray from flexing under the laptop's weight. Genius!

Mine looks a bit ugly because I put some tape on first. I did this so I can easily remove the rubber bumps and hooks without leaving glue residue. This way I can readjust the laptop stand for different laptops without making a mess.

Step 3: Enjoy

Take that KoolSink!



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    that just reduces the area of heatsink material (Aluminum).

    Having airflow increases the effectiveness of said heatsink area. Besides, some laptops pull air in through the bottom, and vent it out the back. In these cases, adding vent holes would increase cooling efficiency.

    The Idea is debatable.. but I think heat-sinks are  meant to have more surface area, not just area.. so holes would take out more SA, but then again, more ventilation..

    I just used an insulated cookie sheet (it has a hollow sealed chamber inside)! It really spreads the heat out, and it has a built-in lip (no bending necessary).

    Instead of using the hooks to raise the back, how about bending the tray? -nice i'Ble

    4 replies

    that's a good idea. I thought of doing that but I was too chicken to do it as I was afraid to not bend it right. I think it would be better if I had access to a bending machine or something.


    do you have a vice? Cause if you do you can take two pieces of long angle aluminum or iron etc. and put the tray between them Then bend it over the edge of the angle iron.

    normally I'm constructive only but I couldn't resist


    loooooooooooooooooool it's about 9am here so it took a second for me to get that one loooooooooooooooooooooooool!