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My cookie wall art is completely edible, but I think it is too pretty to eat  ;)

I made this cookie wall art to serve a few purposes. First of all  it  served as a pretty decoration for my  holiday cookie exchange. Second, the guests at the party were allowed to take a cookie directly off the wall to take home as a party favor and third I  made more trays full to give to family members as gifts.

I used the same recipe as I did in this instructable...  Kids Coloring Cookies.

Step 1: You Will Need...

Picture of You Will Need...
piping gel.jpg
sugar cookies recipe
cutters of your choice
gumpaste/ fondant
impression mat or stamp of your choice
luster dust
food safe paintbrush
royal icing
piping gel
assorted serving trays(I got the medium sized one at the 99 cents only store and the other 2 at a thrift store)
Command™ Medium Picture Hanging Strips
dragees (optional)
rolling pin and mat
WUVIE2 years ago
Okay, I must have been sleeping under a rock for the past umpteen years. A stamp on dough, then cut with a cookie cutter. This. Is. Fabulous! I love, love, love this!
danlynne07 (author)  WUVIE2 years ago
Lol :) thank you

But just to be clear, I stamped into fondant/gumpaste.
Lorddrake2 years ago
ubercreative .. great job
danlynne07 (author)  Lorddrake2 years ago
Thank you.
I super love it! I think the next time michaels has a good coupon , I'm going to look for an awesome textured stamp! And urs fit perfectly onto your sugar cookies, which means that u made them perfectly and they didn't expand! Plus - I love ur photography!!! :-D
danlynne07 (author)  kristylynn842 years ago
Wow. Thank you. That is such a nice comment. I love it too. And thank you for the photography tips.:)