Cooking Eggs-Without a Pan


Introduction: Cooking Eggs-Without a Pan

When Ever you go Camping Dont Pack heavy pans to do your cooking Watch this video and and find out what to pack instead. Camping/Cooking Tips



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    Interesting idea, but then you have to carry the used foil until you get home so you can dispose of it properly.

    That's a wonderful idea, especially being video. Altho I tend to be a bit rough when I go camping. My eggs would always end up coating the inside of the pack. So I began taking hard boiled eggs instead.

    Very good. Tin foil is an indespensible item for any camping adventure.

    I would but Im short on time, but I guess you can get a good of idea of how the process works just by watching the video

    I usually clean off a large river stone that's flat(ish) on one side and put it in the hot coals. When the stone is nice and hot, I just crack the eggs onto it. No cleanup, just flip the stone into the coals and toss the shells into the fire. Just don't cook the eggs on a large fire, just hot coals, or they will burn quickly. It only works if there is such a stone available though.

    I guess you could fill it with water and just boil the eggs in there. Would take a bit longer perhaps, but it still saves you a lot of space. Also, it could really use some written directions. The video is fine, but I usually prefer just text and pictures, and the instructable really deserves the extra work.

    it's a very good concept, but i think i would still use a pan, i dont like scrambled eggs